Zoom Desktop Can Turn Your Gesture Into an Emoji. How to Try It

Zoom's new gesture recognition feature

Zoom’s latest update allows gestures to be transformed into emojis.


Zoom wants to make it easier for users to get attention in meetings. The company’s ubiquitous videoconferencing platform now has a gesture-recognition feature in its desktop app that’ll display a thumbs-up emoji when you make the gesture on camera and a raised-hand icon when you raise your hand. 

The feature has been part of Zoom’s app for iPhone since last summer but was added to the desktop mode as part of an April product update. It requires Zoom client version 5.10.3 or higher and, though it’s disabled at the client level by default, it can be enabled at the account, group or user level. 

How to use Zoom gesture recognition

To enable gesture recognition, during a meeting you need to tap the More button, followed by the Meeting Settings icon. Under the Gestures section, tap the slider next to Raise Hand and Thumbs Up.

It isn’t clear if more gestures will be added in the future. Zoom didn’t respond to a request for comment.

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