Why Are Women In The US More Likely To Die From Preventable Causes Than Other Countries?

American women are more likely to dieIt is more common in women living in developed countries than it is in developing countries.

Why? They are discouraged from seeking medical care because of high healthcare costs.

The Commonwealth FundTuesday’s report looked at the health of women in 11 high-income countries. It found that American women had among the highest rates of death at reproductive age. The results were consistent with previous findings that found the maternal mortality rateThe U.S. ranks higher among developed peers than other countries.

The report found that only 26% of American women felt satisfied with their healthcare. This is more than twice the score of the next lowest scoring country, Sweden. Only 58% of the women surveyed felt satisfied with the quality and quantity of their healthcare.

Moreover, American women were more likely to have more mental and physical conditions than their counterparts in other countries. Nearly 20% of American women reported multiple chronic conditions, while 58% of U.S. women had mental health needs. This is the highest percentage of all countries.

Similar to previous reports on maternal death and healthcare in the U.S. it was also found that these numbers differed. race is taken into account. For example, the Commonwealth Fund found that Black American women were nearly three times more likely than white women to die from maternal complications. This disparity was also observed in the United Kingdom, where Black Britons were four-times more likely to die in childbirth and pregnancy than white women.

The report concentrated on the root cause of the problem, and the U.S. cost of healthcare was front and centre.

Just like the U.S. consistently scores higher on maternal mortality in developed countries, so has it outscored other countries in the amount of money spent healthcare per capitaby its citizens. According to the report, the U.S. women incurred the second highest out of pocket healthcare costs than Swiss.

The higher number of uninsured people complicates the problem for American females. According to a report released by the K in November, approximately 11% are still uninsured. This rate is as high as 22% in 2020 for Hispanic females.aiser Family Foundation.

American women report that they are less likely to receive needed care because of the higher healthcare costs.

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