Vibrant Centimeter-Wide Paper Cranes by Artist Naoki Onogawa Engulf Bonsai Trees

Artist based in Tokyo Naoki Onogawa (previously) continues his meditative practice involving thousands of minuscule paper cranes. The tiny birds attach in clusters to bonsai branches and perch on bonsai trees’ branches. They then cover the sculptures with colorful canopies.

Onogawa meticulously folds a square of paper measuring centimeters in width into origami cranes. These cranes once gathered in large groups symbolize eternal good luck.

The artist is currently preparing shows for this fall at Picaresque Art GalleryAnd TENMAYAIn Okayama as well as Fukuyama, and recently opened his books to international commissions. Head to Instagramto dive into his process, and stay up-to date on new works.

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