Unplanned Paths: A Metaverse Fashion Week Exhibition

Unplanned Paths: A Metaverse Fashion Week Exhibition

nited by an openness towards experi-mentation, photographer Andrew Boyle and fashion designer Jenny Lai have been making images together for the past eight years. Their works embrace the tension between the handmade and the digitally made, between improvisation and structure, and derive from an exploration of movement whether it’s garment-making or image-making.
Jenny’s design process usually begins with exploring an imagined “function” within the garment or between the body and garment, incorporating sketching, draping, writing, and moving between several mediums. While developing his motion collages, Andrew also finds himself down unplanned paths, moving between printing, cutting, pasting, scanning, stop-motion, and digital editing tools in order to discover the final form. This virtual exhibition presents select photographs and motion collages from their collaborations over the years, as well as new works created specifically for this venue.
Unplanned Paths is presented by The Chockablock (Parcel -130, 20), coinciding with the first ever Metaverse Fashion Week (MVFW 2022).

How to Attend

Visitors can enter Decentraland either as a Guest, or by connecting a Web 3.0 Wallet to interface with the Ethereum blockchain. The Chockablock is located at Parcel -130, 20.

Direct link to The Chockablock: https://play.decentraland.org/?island=I3avny&position=-130%2C20&realm=dg

For more instructions, visit www.thechockablock.com.

About the Artists

Under the brand ‘NOT’, designer Jenny Lai creates season-less ready-to-wear, custom performance-wear for premier classical musicians and dancers, and cross-disciplinary projects around the world as a mobile studio. The New York-based brand was founded in 2011 with the goal of making the physical experience of dressing a surprising and playful experience within itself. Transformation and movement are built into her designs, engaging the wearer in the creative process. Every garment is designed in her Upper West Side studio and produced locally in limited quantities. NOT’s designs have been seen in WWD, The New York Times, New York Magazine, Time Magazine, Harpers Bazaar China, Vice, Nylon, among others. www.notaligne.com

Andrew Boyle is a photographer, collage artist, and motion creator based in Brooklyn, New York. From a young age, Andrew held a deep fascination with the printed image of comic books and illustration, plus the world of cinema and animation. That passion manifested into a love of the photographic medium, especially portraiture capture and music documentation, as it allowed Andrew an avenue to create a visual interpretation of another’s character. A love of the renegade layouts of late 90s Raygun Magazine, zine aesthetic and underground music flyers, this visual direction found a way into Andrew’s work by way of complex ‘motion collages’ that integrate a wide array of analog and digital techniques.Andrew’s clients and collaborators include Milk Makeup, Paper Magazine, l’Officiel, Out Magazine, Schön! Magazine, Searchlight Pictures, New York Fashion Week, Prodject, Matte Projects, Vogue among others. www.andrewboylephotography.com

About the Venue

The Chockablock is a virtual venue for the performing arts in Decentraland, created by artist and inventor Geoff Robertson. The Chockablock’s mission is to help both performing and multidisciplinary artists to showcase their work in the new, exciting, and socially engaging ways now made possible by the Metaverse. For the venue’s grand opening, the Chockablock hosted an exhibition showcasing the artistic collaborations surrounding the album release of violinist Audrey Wright and pianist Yundu Wang, including a music video premiere.

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