Top 5 Most Popular Posts & Videos of 2021 — REVIT PURE

Even though it might not fall in the BIM realm properly speaking, I was incredibly impressed with TestFit. TestFit is a building configurator that helps to solve site plans and create feasibility studies. In this article, I compared TestFit to my years of playing Sim City 2000 as a kid.

I’ve also had TestFit’s CEO Clifton Harness on the Revit Pure Live show, which was a fascinating discussion for me. His views on AEC software are refreshing. One of the things that stuck with me is how he dismissed the term “Generative Design” in favor of Configurator and Co-Creation, which implies more active and direct input from humans.

General REVIT PURE 2021 Stats:

  • 928k Page Views

  • 642k Visits

  • 477k Unique Visitors

  • 25.2k YouTube subscribers

  • 41.3k hours of watched time on YouTube

  • 1,029 learning packages or templates sold

(January 1st to December 8th 2021)

Green Friday: 39 000 Trees Planted

For the 3rd year in a row, we’ve run a Green Friday sale. 25% of the sale profits go to Eden Reforestation Projects. This year has been a record: 39 000 trees planted!

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