Top 20 Best New Features In Revit 2023 — REVIT PURE

Post by Nicolas Catellier (architect, BIM specialist, founder of Revit Pure Productions and BIM Pure Productions).

Nicolas has over 10 years experience in Revit and has worked as an architect and BIM manager on numerous large-scale projects.

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Last year’s Revit 2022 was the best release in a long time. It didn’t have significant new features, but it did fix dozens of minor problems users have been complaining about for a while.

Revit 2023 seems to be a… okay release. It doesn’t have many “real” new features. The update focuses instead on fixing problems with existing tools. BIM managers and advanced users will be the biggest winners. Beginners probably won’t see much difference beyond the logo. Although the individual improvements aren’t very inspiring, they make up for a fairly helpful update.

I wish the new releases would be bolder. I would love to see more innovative, fun and surprising features than just minor technical improvements.

I’ve been the most riled up about the UI revamp + new branding, but it seems only Dynamo’s interface is updated. Revit has a new logo. However, the rest of the interface hasn’t changed.

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