Top 10 Insane Video Game Premises

Video video games have been round for 50 years now, so most of us have grown accustomed to them. So long as sentient hedgehogs have been battling Russian scientists and kids have been coaching electrical mice to dogfight, it’s simple to miss one completely insane truth: sentient hedgehogs have been battling Russian scientists, and kids have been coaching electrical mice to dogfight.

Online game premises might be bonkers. The medium’s interactivity is particularly suited to want success, and most of the people don’t want for taxes and cease indicators. As an alternative, they want to scream spells at dragons and struggle demons with Mickey Mouse, and that’s precisely what video video games ship.

This record gathers a few of the most insane online game premises, retaining in thoughts that the madness has solely made them extra enjoyable and extra profitable. So whether or not it’s a speaking bandicoot or a…regardless of the heck Rayman is…many video video games are one of the best sort of insane, and listed here are our high 10 insane online game premises.

10 Katamari Damacy

Avid avid gamers probably knew this was coming, so let’s get this planet-sized ball of trash rolling and get it out of the best way. The Titular Katamari is a magic ball that may be rolled over gadgets to stick to them, suck them in, and eat their matter, all to increase the ball after which soak up much more. The eccentric destruction does have a function, although: it’s the one approach a tiny house god can rebuild the universe after its father drunkenly destroyed it.

Katamari is an absolute blast, and a big a part of that comes from its sheer madness. The gameplay is fully based mostly on rolling a progressively larger ball, which ought to sound loopy sufficient. Then add to that the problem of absorbing bigger and bigger objects, from ants as much as whole continents, and you’ve got a premise which derivates only a hair from the slay-dragon-rescue-princess method.

9 Murderer’s Creed

The Murderer’s Creed franchise has constructed itself a plot that performs out in ranges—some would possibly say an insane quantity of ranges. If you happen to solely have a obscure notion of the collection and its contents, you most likely anticipate the video games to easily put you within the function of a historic killer and provide you with villainous figures to kill. In that case, you’d be proper—perhaps 5% proper.

You’re not simply an historic killer: you’re a modern-day descendent of the killer who can entry the reminiscences of his whole household tree by plugging right into a futuristic VR machine referred to as an Animus. Additionally, you solely kill up to now attributable to a millennia-long feud between rival secret cabals, one in all which nonetheless controls society right now. Additionally, the purpose of the feud is to take management of “magic” artifacts,” which in actuality are remnants of a hyper-advanced pre-human society often known as the Isu. The Isu created humanity by genetic engineering and have been virtually literal gods, forming the premise of all main world religions. And in some way: there’s much more.

8 Tony Hawk: Professional Skater—(Finally)

Not each Tony Hawk: Professional Skater is insane. For probably the most half, the primary few Professional Skaters are easy skateboard simulators. Gameplay virtually solely consisted of choosing your favourite skater (which, in fact, ought to have been Rodney Mullen), selecting a skatepark or public space, after which tricking your approach round it in as rad a approach as was attainable. Then issues modified.

By the point the collection received to Tony Hawk’s Underground 2, it had turn out to be extra of an journey recreation than a sports activities recreation. Gamers have been thrown into elaborate storylines during which, inevitably, they might succeed by performing skateboard-themed heroics. The fitting skateboard trick in the suitable place may sink a ship or stage a constructing, and the sport even ends with professional skater Bam Margera committing a significant act of terrorism on American soil.

7 Ms. Pac Man

What franchise premise could possibly be extra insane than one during which a nondescript yellow hockey puck engages in an everlasting conflict of eat-or-be-eaten with ghosts in a labyrinth? A collection of video games with the identical premise, besides now the hockey puck has a bow on her hairless “head.”

Whereas there are different variations between Ms. Pac Man and the unique, particularly the improved AI and the addition of cutscenes, the central distinction (and subsequently, your complete motive for the collection’ existence) is one superfluous pink bow. Think about if somebody claimed to have created a brand new recreation collection by simply, say, turning Mario’s overalls inexperienced. Oh, wait.

6 Each Combating Recreation

The fundamental premise of the preventing style is as sane as attainable: combatants, often two of them, meet at a predesignated battleground after which duke it out to determine dominance (and infrequently, who survives). The madness has solely steadily seeped into the style because it has advanced to turn out to be the default medium for dream fanboy crossovers.

Mortal Kombat is about in its personal universe whereby the gods have decreed that mass warfare is changed with single fight (sorry: Kombat). Though that may be a completely cheap fantasy setting, it doesn’t fairly clarify why its gamers can now arrange a four-way match between Rambo, Robocop, the Terminator, and Spawn.

The identical goes for Injustice, which, regardless of being set within the DC universe, permits gamers to pit the Ninja Turtles towards Hellboy. Tremendous Smash Bros. is probably going the worst offender, however a minimum of the franchise baked the madness into its premise from the beginning.

5 Horizon: Zero Daybreak

Prepared your hate mail, avid gamers, as a result of we’re sticking to our weapons: Horizon: Zero Daybreak is among the most insane online game premises ever. And although the sport is superlative within the classes of… virtually every little thing, one factor is evident from its far-fetched and convoluted backstory: Horizon’s builders began with the thought of “robotic dinosaurs” and carried out each feat of narrative gymnastics they needed to make it occur.

The surface-level setting of Horizon is a straightforward post-apocalypse introduced on by uncontrolled AI, which reduces humanity to a tribalistic state. The follies of man, good and direct. However to get from there to robotic T-Rexes with rocket launchers on their hips and robotic Brachiosauruses with flying-saucer heads, the sport’s writers needed to stretch their premise prefer it was Armstrong himself.

4 Danganronpa

There isn’t a have to dig too deep to find why Danganronpa makes the record: from its first moments, the sport screams madness loud sufficient to wake the lifeless.

Within the Danganronpa video games, you play a high-schooler chosen to attend a prestigious personal academy that’s secretly run by an evil robotic bear (and simply the bear. No end-game spoilers right here!) who turns the college right into a murderous battle royal, judges a relentless stream of courtroom reenactments, at one level summons a staff of large mechanical creatures, and better of all—destroys the whole lot of human society. Okay…some spoilers right here.

3 Persona

Like Danganronpa, the Persona franchise wears its madness on its sleeve.

Gameplay in your common Persona installment consists of two alternating segments. Within the first, you play as a high-school scholar going about his on a regular basis lifetime of learning, working, and wooing the accomplice of your alternative (which ought to completely be Futaba).

Within the different, you play as a magical mind-thief who battles beings from world mythology to seize them and soak up their energy, all to turn out to be sturdy sufficient to invade the corrupted “mind-palaces” of depraved individuals and defeat their super-powered, evil souls. Then, in the long run, you kill God.

2 Kingdom Hearts

The Closing Fantasy collection was already a novel premise, mixing fantasy, science-fiction, and world mythology into the default JRPG. Then in some unspecified time in the future, somebody took a protracted, exhausting have a look at the franchise and mentioned, in all seriousness, “You recognize what this mature collection about tyranny and sacrifice wants? Each single Disney character from each film and present crammed in at each attainable second.”

If solely the madness ended there. Not solely is Kingdom Hearts a sweeping mishmash of Closing Fantasy and Disney parts, but it surely additionally boasts a storyline so absurdly convoluted as to turn out to be legendary. Within the connected video, Brian David Gilbert does his greatest to discover a through-line within the James Joyce meets Haruki Murakami saga that’s the Kingdom Hearts storyline. He’s unsurprisingly unsuccessful.

1 Mario…Simply…Mario.

The Mario franchise is the preferred online game franchise in historical past, promoting extra copies of its video games than another—by a landslide. Everybody has a minimum of a passing familiarity with the plumber, and that’s why it usually goes unnoticed: the Mario franchise is a nightmare collage of surrealism, kitschiness, and childlike nonsense.

In between rescuing Princess Peach from a dragon turtle and his military of sentient mushrooms, stone tablets, squids, and cacti, Mario likes to calm down by competing within the Olympics, taking part in elaborate video games of human chess, and practising drugs with no license. If that’s not sufficient to persuade you the way insane the Mario franchise is, play 5 minutes of any WarioWare title, and we’ll speak.

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