Top 10 Creepy YouTube Channels to Binge-Watch This Halloween

Horror movies? How dull. A scary book? What do you mean paper and glue? You can’t read a jump scare! Children, embrace the 21st Century! Enjoy some new media this Halloween! This list contains a list of the most frightening, disturbing, and thought-provoking YouTube channels.

Gather up your loved ones, turn off the lights, open up the trash bag of sweet things you’ve extorted from your neighbors and watch these creators as they take you on a dark and twisted journey.

10 Scary Mysteries—Delivering as Promised…

If you are a fan of things “doing what they say on the label,” you’re in for a treat. This channel covers mysteries. It’s a channel that covers terrifying mysteries. These binge-worthy 10–20 minute videos cover UFOs, ghosts, serial killers, and all manner of shocking, unsolved, and unexplained phenomena.

Starting Point: “5 Frightening Forests You Should Never Visit”—There’s something naturally unnerving about a forest. From being the setting for horror stories and films in pop culture to the fact that countless ancestors met their end in the world’s ancient forests, there seems to be more than lions, tigers, and bears to fear in the woods. Covering subjects as varied as folk cryptids like the Jersey Devil, serial killers, and a mysterious fifteen-foot-wide circle where no plant life can grow, this video will start your deep dive into the world’s mysteries.[1]

Playlists / Regular Sections:
“Twisted 2’s”—Videos that cover two prominent mysteries.
“Every Town Has a Dark Side”—Podcast episodes covering crimes and mysteries in small-town USA.
“Strange and Scary Mysteries of the Month”—A monthly roundup of the weirdest news reports and stories

9 Nexpo—ARGs and “Aaaaarghs”!

This channel is a popular one that provides long-form, deep dives into some the most bizarre things online. From ARGs (augmented reality games, usually with a horror theme) and creepy viral videos to genuine research into online pedophile rings, this channel is more than just a place for compiling disturbing online crap—he really aims to do good. This brave explorer of the darkest fringes of the internet invites you to check out what he has discovered. Are you willing to join him?

Starting Point: “Strange Flyers Around Portland, Oregon”—A weird prank, ARG gone too far, or evidence of a cult in the Pacific Northwest? This amazing look at this fringe phenomenon will leave your wondering what every flyer or poster or graffitied tag that you see in your area actually means.[2]

Regular Sections/Playlists
“Disturbing Things from around the Internet”

8 Nick Crowley—Aleister Would Be Proud

Nick Crowley continues to write in the same style as the previous entry. He likes to highlight the darker aspects of the internet. One of the key differences is that Nick tends to focus more on the real horror found online—terrible animal cruelty scams, self-destructive cancer-chasing fetish communities, and emergent cults. Where Nexpo likes to leave you with a sense of mystery, a creeping dread that surrounds the question “I wonder if that’s real?” Crowley rarely allows for that question to enter the viewer’s mind. These things did indeed happen. They are here.

Starting point: “The Khamar Daban Incident”—You may very well have read about the Dyatlov Pass incident, the strange event that led to the deaths of a clutch of young Russian researchers in a remote part of Siberia (in fact, Crowley has a great couple of videos exploring the incident), but have you heard about the Khamar Daban incident? Crowley covers this (arguably) more shocking event with great skill. This is the perfect Halloween story.[3]

Playlists / Regular Sections:
“YouTube’s Darkest Channels”

7 Bedtime Stories—Creepy Mysteries, Creepier Artwork

When you get a channel description that begins with “WARNING—These stories are NOT suitable for younger audiences. Turn off the lights and get into bed. Plug in your headphones. It’s time for a creepy bedtime story,” you know you’re in for a good time. This channel certainly doesn’t disappoint.

The Bedtime Stories team covers paranormal stories from all walks of the spectrum, including some well-known ones and some less-known ones. They also include viewer-submitted experiences. The wonderfully drawn artwork accompanying the matter of fact, northern-English-accented narration draws you in as though watching a particularly good lecture. Then, the subject matter hits. Then you’re afraid.[4]

Starting point: “The Flannan Isles Lighthouse Mystery”—Best to start from the very first video and go from there. This spooky event from the eerily atmospheric isles west of Scotland is a classic story that remains an exemplar of this channel’s aptitude at expressing the uncanny.

Playlists/Regular Sections:
Weekly uploads

6 Atrocity Guide—Weird Internet Tales

Atrocity Guide is a less horror-oriented channel but no less disturbing. Although given the nature of her uploads, you may end up seeking out more hokey ghost or Bigfoot videos…

Although covering strange stories about people and groups may not be as terrifying or bed-wetting as the other channels, it is still a fascinating experience. Still, one thing is for certain—the subjects covered here are well-documented, meticulously covered, and 100% real/weird/unnerving.[5]

Starting Point: “The Strange World of Breatharianism”—The title could just have easily swapped the word “strange” with horrific, deluded, or mystifyingly still going. This mini-doc of this dangerous cult, lasting 50 minutes, is one of the best online. It’s sad, alarming, and very sobering.

Regular Sections/Playlists
Uploads every few month

5 Being Scared—Rain, Wind, and Horror Stories

It is important to remember that tradition does matter every once in a while. Before all these new media guys bombarded us with mini-docs, deep dives, and compilation vids and before the word “meme” was used on a daily basis, people gathered ’round and told scary stories. This was often done on dark, stormy evenings, with the outside world setting the scene for some truly frightening tales.

Many of us have memories of sharing urban legends around campfires, in abandoned houses we were dared to enter, or at a friend’s sleepover. This channel captures it all like no other. Scary stories told with suitably atmospheric SFX—wind, rain, and thunder.[6]

You’ll listen to one. Hear the rain through your earhole. You notice that your bedroom window’s blind is open. Didn’t you close it?


Ok, just a few more tales…

Start Point: Anywhere. You can press play, then sit back, and you can go to the bathroom.

Regular Sections/Playlists
“Scary Stories for a Rainy Night”

4 In Praise of Shadows—Peek Behind the Curtain of Horror Media

If you don’t fancy a night of direct terror, why not learn about the movies, comic books, and other media that have provided us with terror over the years? This channel provides a great overview on horror fiction in all forms. This channel is a highlight, with its deep dives into the history and evolution of horror comics throughout the 20th century. But don’t get too comfy—the measured critique on offer here may make you say, “Hm, very interesting,” but the artwork that accompanies the commentary is often chilling enough to make you go check under the bed.[7]

Starting Point: “Homunculus: What Does It Mean to Be Human?”—A retrospective of one of the most mind-bending shocking Manga ever. It is both thought-provoking and nauseating.

Playlists/Regular Sections:
“Anatomy of a Franchise”
“Why You Should Watch…”
Make sure to check out the series in three parts. Horror Comics

3 Rusty West—Missing in the Wilderness

Anyone who is aware of the “Missing 411” phenomenon will love this channel. But even if you aren’t aware of the theories surrounding the comparatively high number of people who go missing in U.S. national parks, Rusty West’s soothing drawl will win you over—it seems to have been carved from prime mahogany and dipped in molasses. These stories, despite their vocal attraction, may make you reconsider your plans to venture into the wilderness.

These stories of hikers disappearing from the face of the Earth, along with a selection of viewer-submitted stories about strange encounters, strange occurrences, or encounters with the supernatural, offer hours of material for your perusal.[8]

Starting Point: “3½ Hours of Strange National Park Disappearances”—Don’t be daunted by this feature-length video of narrated accounts; you can dip in and out, settle in with some cocoa and a bowl of popcorn or lie back and fall asleep to Rusty’s voice recounting some cases that remain unsolved.

Playlists/Sections Regular:
Various compilation videos
“10 More Strangest National Park Disappearances”series
“Case Studies”—A selection of vids that focus a little more in-depth on individual cases

2 The Paranormal Scholar—A Fortean Look at Freaky Phenomena

Finally, an expert! Well, sort of. Outside the channel, it does seem that husband and wife duo Laura and Erik Rowton seek to bridge the gap between underground fans, paranormal researchers, and the traditionally stuffy academic domain (their feature-length documentary “In Search of the Dead” includes many interviews with academics).

Their YouTube channel is more focused on charting and listing paranormal incidents and anecdotes. Laura Rowton’s pleasant voiceover takes us through various “Top X-number” lists of a diverse range of Fortean phenomena—from historical instances of meetings with the devil to creepy “men in black” encounters that will freak you out more than the prospect of a continental greeting from Tommy Lee Jones.[9]

Starting Point: “5 Terrifying Wartime Monster Sightings”—This list of monster sightings introduces an interesting angle that many viewers may not consider: soldiers who have witnessed cryptids. Do these accounts seem more credible considering the high status of fighting men in society? Is it possible that the testimony of these people is even less credible because they are living in high-stress, frenetic environments with constant threat of death breathing down on their necks? These stories are amazing, regardless of what you think.

Playlists / Regular Sections:
“Unexplained Mysteries”
“Deities, Demons, and the Devil”

1 Lazy Masquerade—The Online All-Rounder of the Macabre and Unsettling

Finally, we have a channel which combines all the best parts of the previous entries without sacrificing any of its overall quality. If you’re going to binge, go hard and go…Lazy. Focused mini-docs on gory murders, unexplained events, and all manner of strange and singular phenomena, list vids, and scary story reads—this channel does the lot.

There is also a regular focus on Southeast Asia. This region is not often covered in Western media. There are some incredible and frightening tales from that region of the globe.

Relax on your couch and watch the world go by. But make sure you turn off the lights. After all, “Lazy” always signs off with, “The best things happen in the dark…”[10]

Starting Point: “3 Creepy ‘Region Locked’ Mysteries, FINALLY UNLOCKED”—Lazy covers three crazy stories from the Far East that you’ve probably not heard.

Regular Sections/Playlists
“Photos with Creepy Backstories”
“Folklore and Urban Legends”
“USA Horror Road Trip”
And many, many, many more…

Here’s to scary binging!

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