These AI-Made Ubuntu Mascot Artworks are Incredible

I don’t understand neural networks work, much less how they go about drawing stuff without any hands, but boy am I blown away by the results they can produce.

Every Ubuntu release comes with a codename made up of an adjective and an animals. These adorable and irreverent pairings result in a flurry of artwork by amateur and professional artists, illustrators, photographers, and graphic designers alike.

Simon Butcher, an open source enthusiast and head of research platforms at Queen Mary University London knows a lot about bespoke computing workloads so decided to try a different approach.

Instead of using a HB pencil, open source software like Krita, or —my own personal tools of choice— dried macaroni and poster paints, he decided to create Ubuntu mascot artwork by feeding a list of Ubuntu codenames to an AI CLIP guided diffusion model.

The results are quite impressive phenomenal:

The video above doesn’t quite convey just how massive these workloads were, as Simon explained in a series of tweets:

“These have been generated purely by the AI and no editing from me. I did two runs with a different seed. The videos are made using a sequence of hundreds images created by opensource AI tools and combined with Ffmpeg. Processing takes up to 24hrs on a high end GPU,” He writes.

Are you still not impressed? He went on to reveal that creating a video that lingered on each release a little longer could’ve taken up to a week to generate — which is insane.

Anyway, I’m pretty blown away by the quality of this AI-produced artwork, and I’m not alone. Martin Wimpress, Ubuntu MATE leader and former Ubuntu desktop bigwig is so impressed he plansInclude one AI-sired Jammy jellyfishUbuntu MATE 22.04LTS April default wallpaper pack

These creations can be enjoyed on your desktop without you having to wait for Ubuntu MATE 22,04.04 to be released. Wimpy already has shared a tarball containing eight hi-res “Jammy Jellyfish” JPEGs for mass consumption.

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