The Psychological Aspects of Magical ‘Reality’

The psychological dimensions of magical ‘truth’ were not ignored by Crowley. The Will was considered the ultimate source of magic phenomena. It contained instrumental forces (angels and demons) that project inside the mind. If the Will is not enlightened attempts to engage it in magickUse proves ineffective, but can be harmful.

“We postulate the presence of intelligence, either within or without the spiritual, of bits of intelligence instantly aware. It does not matter if the so-called communicative spirit is an objective entity or a secret part of the divine mind.”

Crowley controversy is largely due to the association of ritual sex magick with the Enochian (or Gothic), magical practices of John Dee (1527-1608), an Alchemist and Astrologer who was a consultant for Queen Elizabeth.

Dee used a grimoire called Goetia (or Salomon’s Less Key) to conjure angels and demons. Crowley believed himself to be the reincarnation of Dee’s secretary, necromancer, and angel-language translator, Edward Kelly (1555-1597). What can be defined as “magic” can differ based on time and meaning?

A long tradition of magic was considered demonic in England. The Church also prohibited any ritual practice. Pico Della mirandola (1463-94), recited the Kabbalah’s Jewish spiritual teachings during the Middle Ages. In this period, the occultists from the late fifteenth Century saw the mythical Hermes Trismegistus to be the archetype for the Renaissance Magus.

Pico claimed that the “mastery of the Kabbalah can give a person unimagined magical skill, even though the dabbler who uses the Kabbalah can be demolished by demons…[and] the magic grounded in the Kabbalah is the only effective magic.” The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn reintroduced the use of the Kabbalah into occult practice some four hundred years later. Crowley also used it as the basis of many of his teachings.

Crowley’s flamboyance and propensity for ceremonial tabuism created subsequent dissension with other members. Ok, W.B. Yeats, though recognizing Crowley’s talent as a poet, nevertheless found him to be dangerous and maybe even insane.

It is also important to remember that Crowley’s affiliation with number 666 came about after leaving the order. While in Cairo in 1904, Rose Kelly began to experience revelations that led to Crowley’s receipt of the Book of the Law via the supernaturality known by Aiwass. Crowley felt that he had been long seeking this book from the Holy Guardian Angel.

Crowley tested Rose’s knowledge of Egyptian gods by having her describe Horus in a museum. She chose the stelae that she was most attracted, and it just so happened that her show number 666 was also chosen.

Crowley began to call himself the Beast 666. This was a reference to Revelation 13-18. He then reinterpreted the biblical depictions and referred to Lucifer as the Slut Of Babylon and the Beast. It should also be remembered that Crowley associated Aiwass with Satan and Horus’ brother Seth. He is considered to be an ancient Egyptian counterpart of the Christian Devil.

Claims have boosted his infamy as well as diabolical credibility. Many of his new beliefs, Thelema (thelema), seem contradictory. Popular figures are rising to prominence in movements that could be considered spiritual or religious.

These individuals also reflect the cumulative aspects of their operation field to an even greater degree than their predecessors. However, they also incorporate developments in reinterpretations and practices that actually alter the discipline and accept that.

Aleister Crowley is the most iconic and powerful figure in the early 20th-century when it comes to the cosmological and ceremonial elements of magic and the supernatural. Since then, his work has been subject to several reinterpretations, with the comprehensive range of Crowley’s work contributing to an exhaustive range of applications.

Crowley was subsequently accused of having a personal relationship and he was not credited with any of this influence. Next, I’ll discuss the process of promoting Crowley and creating his new religion.

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