The 7 Hermetic Principles Of The Kybalion

The 7 Hermetic Principles are derived from The Kybalion e-book, which is a written work based mostly on the occult (secret) airtight philosophy from historical Egypt. The founding father of this philosophy was Hermes Trismegistus, additionally known as “Hermes the 3 times best,” and refers to (the best thinker, king, and priest). He was additionally the founding father of astrology and alchemy.

He taught his philosophy solely to initiates, those that might perceive the common truths in order that they too might later cross them on to future generations. There are 7 Hermetic Principles, also known as the 7 common rules, and whoever understands them (in accordance with Airtight philosophy) has the magic key that opens all doorways to the universe’s secrets and techniques.

The 7 Airtight Rules on which the whole airtight philosophy relies are as follows:

  1. The Precept of Mentalism
  2. The Precept of Correspondence
  3. The Precept of Vibration
  4. The Polarity Precept
  5. The Precept of Rhythm
  6. The Precept of Trigger and Impact
  7. The Precept of Sexuality

The precept of mentalism

All the pieces is vitality. The universe is a creation of “the All.” By the All (additionally known as God) is supposed an infinite, inexhaustible, indefinable life-creating Spirit (vitality) from which all the pieces originates. The All is an vitality move with an infinite variety of vibrations. All the pieces that lives and exists has its personal distinctive vibration, solely a tiny a part of that infinite vitality move. It consists of the fabric universe, life in all its types, vitality, matter, and all the pieces we are able to understand with our senses. This life-creating vitality conjures up all the pieces that exists and lives. To know the precept of mentalism, it’s simpler to match how we ourselves create our actuality. If we need to accomplish one thing or create one thing right here in bodily actuality, then this all the time precedes a psychological course of, our ideas.

Our ideas are the generator for creating right here in bodily actuality. With out ideas, creation wouldn’t be doable. For instance, if we need to make a desk, we first take into consideration how we’ll do this, after which we act on these ideas to make that desk. The desk is a psychological course of, a thought that exists in our thoughts and comes from the infinite, life-creating spirit from which all the pieces comes. Each bodily object (matter) or occasion that takes place right here in our bodily actuality is preceded by a thought course of. So we are able to say that all the pieces we create is psychological as a result of it originates in thought. In accordance with the Kybalion, the universe was created in the identical approach, particularly by a thought. The All has “thought” the universe in creation.

“The ALL is Thoughts; The Universe is psychological. ”.

– The Kybalion

The Precept of Correspondence

This precept teaches us that there’s concord and equality between the totally different ranges of existence. All the pieces originates from that infinite life vitality, the supply (the All), and splits into infinitely totally different vibrations of life and existence. The bodily, the psychological, and the religious are solely a distinction of vibration and are one and linked to one another. Our universe is holographic; this merely signifies that the bigger entire is within the small, and the small is a part of the bigger entire and is linked to one another. For instance, take the construction of an atom; the electrons of an atom transfer across the atom core similar to the planets in our photo voltaic system revolve across the solar.

There may be an settlement between the microcosm (which takes place on the smaller stage) and the macrocosm (which takes place on the bigger stage). The small world (atom, microbe, plant, animal, human) has the identical composition and construction as the massive world (planets, universe, galaxy). We’re part of the universe, and the universe is part of us. Or because the airtight axiom says: “as above, so beneath too.

“As above, so beneath; as beneath, so above. ”

– The Kybalion

The Precept of Vibration

All the pieces is shifting. Nothing is at relaxation. This precept teaches us that the distinction between the varied manifestations of matter, vitality, info, ideas, and our thoughts. In brief, all the pieces that’s and exists is a matter of vibration. The obvious “stable matter” that we understand is nothing however vitality at a really low vibration. Matter consists of atoms (tiny matter particles). If we zoom in on the matter with a strong microscope, we see that these atoms are always shifting. The best way during which one thing manifests itself relies upon by itself distinctive vibration. Mild and darkness, warmth and chilly, electrical energy and magnetism, and all different types of vitality are vibrations.

Our ideas and way of thinking are additionally vibrations. They will have a excessive or low vibration; hatred, aggression, jealousy, and revenge are decrease vibrations. Love, belief, helpfulness, kindness, compassion are examples of upper vibrations.

“Nothing rests; all the pieces strikes; all the pieces vibrates.”

The Precept of Polarity

All the pieces is dualistic; all the pieces has its two extremes. Opposites are an identical in nature. Solely the distinction in vibration is what differentiates between the 2 “obvious polarities.” Nothing in itself is single. There may be nothing like absolute love or hate, mild, and darkness, chilly and heat, sturdy or weak, heavy or mild, and so forth. This appears to be opposites for most individuals, however in actuality, there may be solely “one thing” and the absence of “one thing.” Can we are saying that somebody who loves can by no means hate and somebody who hates can by no means love? There may be solely love or an absence of it. Simply as there may be solely mild or absence of sunshine, all the pieces may be positioned on one measuring scale with totally different gradations of vibrations between the 2 polarities.

“All the pieces is twin; all the pieces has poles; all the pieces has its pair of opposites; like and in contrast to are the identical; opposites are an identical in nature, however totally different in diploma; extremes; all truths are however half-truths; all paradoxes could also be reconciled.”

– The Kybalion

The Precept of Rhythm

This precept teaches us that change is the one fixed. Change is the common pressure in existence and makes life and evolution doable. It’s the pure cycle of coming and going. All the pieces has a begin, a top, and an endpoint. There’s a time of development and a time of demolition—a time of life and a time of dying. Additionally, human consciousness, ideas, feelings, emotions, and moods are always altering and fluctuate from one state to a different.

“All the pieces flows, in and out; all the pieces has it tides; all issues rise and fall; the pendulum swing manifests in all the pieces; the measure of the swing to the suitable is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates. ”

– The Kybalion

The precept of Trigger and Impact

The extent the place the causes manifest themselves is on the psychological stage and are our ideas. Our ideas are the generator for creating right here in bodily actuality. We then act on these ideas and consciously or unintentionally create the results in bodily actuality. The free will that an individual has acquired from his Creator permits him to assume, really feel and act the way in which he desires. However he can’t keep away from the results of these ideas, emotions, and actions. The implications can both happen instantly or over an extended time period, however NOTHING escapes the Legislation of Trigger and Impact. The regulation of trigger and impact applies to each the collective and the person ranges.

What we predict, really feel, and act as humanity collectively has much more penalties than individually. Individually, an individual nonetheless has management over his personal ideas, emotions, and actions. On a collective stage, that is a lot much less profitable, and the affect is restricted. It’s everybody’s job as a person to decide on optimistic, loving ideas and create the results that we actually need. That which “apparently” takes place outdoors of us on the earth round us is definitely a mirrored image that takes place collectively and individually inside us. The inside world and the surface world replicate one another (precept of correspondence). It’s via this interplay between what is occurring inside us and the results that we see and expertise outdoors ourselves that we grow to be conscious that ideas (causes) result in penalties.

“Each trigger has its Impact; each Impact has his Trigger; all the pieces occurs in accordance with Legislation; Likelihood will not be a reputation for Legislation not acknowledged; there are a lot of planes of causation, however nothing escapes the Legislation. ”.

The Kybalion

The precept of Sexuality

Sexuality manifests itself in any respect ranges of existence. On the Bodily stage, we are able to clearly distinguish between women and men. However there may be additionally gender on a psychological and religious stage. Women and men assume, really feel and expertise actuality in another way than one another. But each energies are once more only a distinction of vibration from the infinite artistic vitality move, and so they complement one another completely. The All (the unity) splits into duality and creates a masculine and female vitality; yin and yang vitality.

These two energies guarantee concord and steadiness in existence and make creation and evolution doable. These two energies should keep in steadiness with one another. An excessive amount of yang or male vitality results in aggressive habits, an inclination to dominate, a need for warfare, and finally to destruction. Extra yin or female vitality makes you too passive, too cautious, and too receptive and care. An excessive amount of yin or female vitality makes too passive, too cautious, and too receptive and causes a scarcity of progress. Basically, males have extra yang vitality, and ladies have extra yin vitality. But each sexes carry each female and male vitality, solely to a lesser extent. Right here once more, it’s a matter of vibration whether or not you’re male or feminine.

However this will range from individual to individual. Homosexuality is an instance of this.

“Gender is in all the pieces; all the pieces has his Masculine and Female Rules; Gender manifesto on all planes. ”

– The Kybalion.


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