Tarot Cards Symbolism: List of 100 Symbols In Rider-Waite’s Deck

The Tarot playing cards’ Rider Waite symbolism is extraordinary. There may be a number of symbolism within the playing cards deck of the Rider-Waite Tarot. By trying intently on the many symbolic parts on a card, it turns into simpler to learn/interpret the Tarot playing cards. The symbols on the record beneath seem on Rider Waite’s Tarot playing cards, however the record will also be used for different Tarot playing cards. Right here is the record of symbols that you simply discover on the Rider-Waite Tarot playing cards.

Tarot playing cards symbolism – record of widespread symbols:

  1. Beard: knowledge
  2. Bergen: overview
  3. Leaves on the bars: a brand new starting
  4. Flower wreath: fertility with regard to the theme
  5. Bunches of grapes: fertility with regard to the theme
  6. Angels: helpers, mediators
  7. Giant coats / large scarves: constructed up a number of internal information
  8. Harness: safety
  9. Canine: intuition
  10. Canine with the idiot: companion
  11. Canine by the moon: concern
  12. Crown: linked with the upper
  13. Laurel wreaths: laurels, honoring
  14. Leo: energy
  15. Lemniscate: eternally steady life pressure
  16. Moon: unconscious
  17. Horses: processes
  18. Somebody on a horse: motion
  19. Cat: magic, with the ability to make/do one thing
  20. Pink roses: willpower, life
  21. Snail: endurance
  22. Snake: circle of infinity
  23. Workers in hand (not “employees”): knowledge
  24. Star: connecting, radiating cosmic power
  25. Pisces: emotion, therapeutic, anointing, water
  26. Butterflies: transformation
  27. Birds: communication with increased consciousness
  28. Fruits: fertility associated to the theme
  29. White costume: religious purity
  30. White lilies: religious purity
  31. Clouds: one other dimension
  32. Solar: consciousness
  33. Sunflowers: consciousness
  34. Pillars/temple: knowledge, respect

Tarot Playing cards Symbolism and Rider Waite symbolism at a look:

Wands, Swords, Cups, and Pentacles

The Tarot deck consists of 78 playing cards. These playing cards are divided into two Arcanes (“secrets and techniques”):

Tarot Cards Symbolism: List of 100 Symbols In Rider-Waite's Deck - Tarot Cards Symbolism - Tarot Cards
Rider-Waite Tarot playing cards symbolism- “The Star” card from main Arcana.
  1. The Main Arcana (large secret) consists of twenty-two playing cards.
  2. The Minor Arcana (little secret) consists of 56 playing cards.

This Minor Arcana consists of 4 units of 14 playing cards that symbolize the 4 parts.

  • Wands (aspect of fireside): willpower
  • Swords (aspect air): the rational thoughts of man, judgment, battle(s)
  • Cups (aspect of water): feeling, unconscious, inventive potential
  • Pentacles (aspect earth): sensible, our potential to turn into conscious of the issues round us

The Ace, the Web page, the Knight, the King, and the Queen

Inside every set of 14 playing cards you’ve gotten:

  • An Ace (card one); this card symbolizes the start of one thing, a want, one thing that’s doubtlessly current
  • The playing cards 2 to 10
  • A web page; this card represents the newbie degree, the coed
  • A knight; this map signifies that a number of issues have been discovered and has the task to take this someplace
  • A queen; this card symbolizes the female perspective, the intuitive, is filled with expectations
  • A king; this card represents the male perspective, the duty to the skin, the arranging and the rational side

How are you going to use this record with the Tarot deck from Rider-Waite?

Studying to read/interpret the Tarot cards is primarily a matter of doing. For that, you may draw a so-called day card (the title says all of it, you draw a card on daily basis and research it) or you are able to do Tarot playing cards unfold very commonly.

First, take a look at the unfold with out the image record (you’ll ultimately want it much less and fewer usually) and take note of the massive image. What do you see, what do you’re feeling? Then zoom in on all kinds of particulars and search for the Rider Waite symbolism behind this. Relying on earlier pursuits in your life, you may usually go a good distance with out the record. Lastly, take the record and mix all of the symbols into one story/message.

What does this card imply to you (for the day to come back and examine again within the night to what extent you noticed this again) or what does this card imply on this place within the Tarot playing cards unfold (in most Tarot books a number of Tarot playing cards unfold could be discovered) and what do I need / can do the message that comes out of those playing cards unfold.

Hope it will provide help to to higher perceive the tarot playing cards symbolism that you simply usually see within the well-known and maybe hottest Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot playing cards deck.

Tarot playing cards are wealthy in symbolism, and in case you grasp the symbols on the playing cards, it’s possible you’ll present a whole tarot studying by deciphering them, even in case you don’t know the precise meanings of every card. Symbols could be drawn from numerology, archetypal energies and symbols, colour meanings, astrology, and religious Rider Waite symbolism, amongst different colours, relying on the tarot decks you choose. Should you get caught throughout a tarot studying, look to the cardboard’s symbols for additional info.

The Minor Arcana’s Symbols

The 56 playing cards that comprise the Minor Arcana of the tarot card deck are cut up into fits in the identical approach that typical decks of 52 taking part in playing cards are. The minor arcana fits are pentacles, wands, cups, and swords. The meanings of every swimsuit are primarily based on the 4 conventional parts of Earth, air, fireplace, and water.

Rider Waite Symbolism of Pentacles

Pentacles symbolize the normal aspect of Earth. It is a bodily aspect that’s grounded. When a pentacles card happens in a tarot unfold, it both provides information concerning the querent’s bodily state or discusses details about the bodily (materials) world through which the querent lives. The next are among the subjects {that a} pentacles card could handle.

  • Funds
  • Well being
  • Property
  • Enterprise or commerce
  • Profession

Symbols Associated to Cups

Cups symbolize the water aspect. Cups maintain water, which is a simple strategy to keep in mind this. As a result of water is an emotional aspect, when the cup is available in your tarot unfold, it addresses themes which can be principally emotional in nature. The next are some examples of subjects {that a} cup card may symbolize.

  • Feelings and emotions
  • Relationships and love
  • Relationships with others
  • Interactions with others
  • Makes an attempt at creativity

Symbolism of Wands

Wands symbolize the aspect of fireside. Think about sparks taking pictures from the tip of a wand that can assist you keep in mind this. Fireplace is a primitive and highly effective pressure related to spirituality and better thought. It is usually linked with ardour and drive. When wands seem in a studying, they might point out a number of of the next.

  • Ambitions and aims
  • Goal
  • Motivation and significance
  • Change is motivated by ardour.

Symbols Discovered within the Swords Swimsuit

Swords symbolize the air aspect. Think about a sword swishing within the air that can assist you keep in mind this. Air represents your psychological self and the area of thought. The next are among the issues swords could symbolize after they seem in a tarot studying.

  • Challenges
  • Confrontation
  • Braveness
  • Disagreements and disagreements
  • Choices

Quantity Symbolism within the Tarot

Like a normal deck of playing cards, every minor arcana tarot card is both a quantity card (aces by ten) or a courtroom card (Web page, Knight, Queen, King). Every of those has its personal symbolic significance.

Minor Arcana Courtroom Card Symbolism

The courtroom playing cards are the face playing cards of every tarot swimsuit. Every swimsuit comprises 4 playing cards that symbolize the next.

  • Web page of Card Symbolism
  • Youthful vitality, service
  • Knight
  • Taking motion, maturing power, and forging forward
  • Queen
  • Empathy and compassion reign supreme.
  • Management, achievement, and success

What Colours Imply on Tarot Playing cards

Tarot playing cards are shiny, and the colours used within the illustrations have symbolic meanings primarily based on the psychological results of colours and the religious power colour relationship with chakras or auras. When deciphering a tarot card, think about the colours utilized by the artist or printer and the imagery and numerology.

Rider Whereas Symbolism – Colour Meanings

  • Black – Safety, grounding, darkness or an absence of parts, illness, negativity, root chakra
  • Pink – Grounding, security, safety, ardour, rage, and the foundation chakra
  • Pink – Love, femininity, compassion, forgiveness, and the center chakra
  • Orange- Sacral chakra, pleasure, inventive concepts, optimism
  • Forehead – Sacral chakra is related to stability, neutrality, consolation, earthiness, muddiness, or an absence of boundaries.
  • Yellow – Alternative, spontaneity, and zeal are all related to the photo voltaic plexus chakra.
  • Gold – Majesty, divinity, religious management, crown chakra, or increased
  • Inexperienced – Therapeutic, love, concord, steadiness, enviously, bitterness, and the center chakra
  • Blue – Communication, peace, self-expression, belief, melancholy, judgment, and criticism are necessary. The throat chakra
  • Purple – Third eye chakra, instinct, psychic potential, spirituality, cause, important pondering
  • White – The connection to the Divine, the upper self, newness, inexperience, start, The crown chakra
  • Silver – Crown chakra, emotion, sensitivity, empathy

Symbols & Photos Associated to Tarot Artwork

Every card in most tarot decks has elaborate art work. The weather of the state of affairs can help the reader in deciphering the insights gained in the course of the studying. Many of those parts aren’t as they appear, however they’re symbolic and will have a that means that differs barely from the seen image.

Angels are used as symbols on this picture.

  • Inspiration
  • Take note of your internal voice.
  • Pay shut consideration to the small print.


  • The shopper’s imaginative and prescient is blurry.
  • Somebody is unwilling to just accept the reality.
  • Somebody is concealing the reality.


  • Unseen energy
  • Psychic energy
  • Earlier than performing, concentrate on all circumstances.


  • Truthfulness Loyalty Honesty
  • We’re heading in the right direction.


  • Take word: A big shift is on the way in which.



  • Ending a process
  • Vocation
  • Use pressure to finish a process.


  • Isolation Separation
  • Development because of a season of completion


  • Alternative for Data Discovery


  • Imaginative and prescient
  • Acutely aware effort produces important outcomes.


  • The passage of time
  • Change in Femininity Reflection


  • Risk
  • Loosen up and permit the universe’s energy to work in your life.
  • Feelings/emotional states
  • Motion


  • Stability
  • Search for a balanced answer.
  • Help


  • Potentialities for Development after Disappointment Cleansing


  • Transformational private journey
  • Protecting afloat


  • Power of Shelter Regeneration


Symbolism within the Main Arcana of the Tarot

The Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck has 22 main arcana playing cards. Every of the foremost arcana playing cards has numerology and archetype-based symbolism. The foremost arcana playing cards are numbered 0 to XXI (21) and mirror the soul’s journey from innocence to enlightenment. LoveToKnow comprises articles that element every of the foremost arcana playing cards, in addition to their symbolism and that means.

Symbolism of the Main Arcana Tarot playing cards:

  1.    0 The Idiot – Innocence, the start of a journey
  2.    I The Magician – Creation, alchemy
  3.    II The Excessive Priestess – Unconscious, instinct
  4.    III The Empress – Feminity, compassion, clever lady
  5.    IV The Emperor – Energy, authority
  6.    V The Hierophant – Religious steering
  7.    VI The Lovers – Relationships, partnerships
  8.    VII The Chariot – Targets, ambitions, and motivation
  9.    VIII Power – Braveness, perseverence, and standing as much as life’s challenges
  10.    IX The Hermit – Going inside to seek out knowledge
  11.    X Wheel of Fortune – Impermanence, change
  12.    XI Justice – Equity, steadiness
  13.    XII The Hanged Man – Persistence, perspective
  14.    XIII Dying – Change, new beginnings, endings
  15.    XIV Temperance – Moderation
  16.    XV The Satan – Temptation, management or lack thereof
  17.    XVI The Tower – Cataclysmic change
  18.    XVII The Star – Therapeutic, hope, encouragement
  19.    XVIII The Moon – Subconsciousness, deep fears or feelings, reflection
  20.    XIX The Solar – Happiness, pleasure, pleasure, awakening
  21.    XX Judgement – Recognizing how your previous actions have an effect on others, taking inventory, righting previous misdeeds
  22.    XXI The World – Success, the tip of a cycle or quest

Numerous Frameworks for Deciphering Tarot playing cards Symbols

Tarot card symbols will also be interpreted in a wide range of methods. Universally is essentially the most common strategy to interpret them. Jungian archetypes, for instance, are regarded as common symbols. That’s, they’re symbols that everybody acknowledges, no matter race, faith, tradition, or household origin as a result of they stem from humanity’s collective consciousness.

Being pregnant and start as symbols of creativity, or a coronary heart as an emblem of affection, are examples of common symbolism. The next are some extra frameworks for deciphering symbols.

Private Experiences and Beliefs Give Rise to Symbols

These are often distinctive and private. For instance, in case you had a pet cat as a baby, a cat could symbolize pleasure, love, or happiness to you.

Symbols Associated to a Household’s or Tribe’s Origin

Inside the tribal unit, households and tribes have their very own symbols, which differ from tribe to tribe. Household coats of arms, household crests, or Scottish household plaids, for instance, comprise symbolism unique to a tribe or household that might not be universally acknowledged.

Symbols of Native and Regional Curiosity

The atmosphere through which you reside has an impression on the way you see explicit symbols. For instance, if an area highschool makes use of a dolphin as a mascot, the dolphin could symbolize regional studying or athletic excellence.

Faith, Tradition, Race, Nation, or Heritage Symbols

Every of those societal groupings has its personal symbolism that’s significant and identifiable to that group. For instance, the eagle represents freedom in the USA, and the cross depicts Christ’s crucifixion within the Christian faith. As one other instance, the swastika is sort of universally related to the Nazi social gathering and the atrocities of World Warfare II in Western nations, whereas in Hinduism, it represents the solar, prosperity, and good luck.

Tarot Image Interpretation

The entire previous elements are thought of when deciphering tarot playing cards primarily based on their symbolism. Consequently, thorough consideration of every is helpful whereas performing a tarot studying. Since you don’t all the time know what a querent’s private, tribal, or cultural symbolism is, in case you’re studying their tarot playing cards, you would possibly ask them what they observe within the visuals of the playing cards and what these issues symbolize to them earlier than shifting on to a extra generalized studying. What do you consider tarot symbolism within the Rider Waite deck? I hope this put up revealed a number of tarot symbolism Rider Waite deck to you.

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