Snap’s first drone, Pixy, fully revealed in FCC photos

It appears Snap is working on a drone called Pixy, and the whole thing just leaked with a huge amount of details, including photos and a seemingly unfinished user manual, published by the FCC. It’s small: rulers in the photos indicate the drone is roughly 130 millimeters wide and 120 millimeters tall, which translates to approximately 5.1 inches by 4.7 inches.

In a user manual, Snap characterizes the drone as “a small smart drone with a camera and camera function.” The drone itself is a rounded rectangle in Snap’s characteristic yellow hue with translucent orange propellers. There’s a knob on the top that looks to offer a bunch of different settings — it looks like a camera mode dial, right down to a traditional “landscape picture mode” logo — and there appears to be cameras on the front as well as on the bottom of the drone. We’ve included some of the photos below so you can see for yourself.

Translucent orange propellers and a USB-C port.
Image via FCC

There’s a single big yellow button above what looks like a camera mode dial.
Image via FCC

Can’t make out the battery capacity here, but the filing says separately that it has a 3.3Wh pack, which seems quite small.
Image via FCC

The inside of the Pixy drone.
Image via FCC

The drone has two circuit boards inside.
Image via FCC

It has a USB-C port, presumably for charging, as well as a removable battery on the bottom; it’s not clear how the battery is held in, but it does seem to have a push-button latch on one end. It operates over 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies, like most other drones (and Wi-Fi, for that matter — most inexpensive drones simply use Wi-Fi), though there’s a note that the shorter-range 5GHz is for indoor use only. It also has Bluetooth, according to the filing.

Snap’s previous hardware products have been glasses, but The Information reported in March 2021 that the company was ramping up efforts to build a drone.

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