Responsive Sculptures by Daniel Rozin Echo Human Movement Through Undulating Objects

A solo exhibition at bitforms galleryIn a series responsive sculptures, the fleeting nature and interactivity of interaction are highlightedArtist Daniel Rozin (previously). Titled Shades, the show is comprised of multiple imitative works that reflect viewers’ movements through an embedded camera.

“Take Out-Chopsticks Mirror,” for example, attaches the wooden utensils to a motorized base, and as someone passes in front of the piece, the components lift upward at a wider angle. The undulating works, in addition to the echoing motion, rely on light, shadow, and other elements to create abstract representations of human gesture.

Also included in the exhibition are two inverse sculptures, “CMY Shadows Mirror” and “RGB Peg Mirror.” Both works reproduce full-color reflections, although the former uses the subtractive color model and the latter additive. The resulting forms are dynamic displays of kaleidoscopic color, whether animated by humans or a preprogrammed algorithm.

“RGB Peg Mirror” (2019), anodized aluminum knobs, motors, 3D camera, control electronics, computer, custom software, 72 inches in diameter and 4 inches in depth

“Take Out-Chopsticks Mirror” (2021), chopsticks, motors, wood, custom software, computer, camera, 66 x 34 x 17 inches

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