Remodeling Your Kitchen? A Few Key Benefits of Laminate Countertops

Are you currently planning your next kitchen remodel project? If so, you’re probably relishing the many elegant stone and wood countertop selections on display in your favorite DIY magazines or at your local boutique home improvement outlet.

While there’s no harm in finding creative inspiration in these amazing luxury upgrades, most options fall well outside the range of your average budgetary plan. Many homeowners find that plastic laminate products are a great way to save money on their next kitchen remodel.

Laminate plastics have existed for many years. But if you’re imagining your aunt’s soft beige countertops streaked with knife abrasions and burn marks from your grandfather’s overheated wrought irons, think again. You can safely banish your auntie’s brown, wood-laden 1980s split-home kitchen in the burbs from your thoughts. That’s because, over the last decade alone, laminate technology has evolved tremendously. These are just a few of the reasons you should consider laminate countertops when renovating your kitchen.

Durability Remodeling Your Kitchen


Laminate products are well-known to homeowners and builders for their poor durability record. Laminate products can fail to withstand even the most extreme wear and tear. We’ve seen cheap laminate become abraded and peel away. This raises some important questions: Are laminate countertops durable? Are laminate countertops easy to scratch? Laminate is a tough plastic. Laminate is a hard plastic. It will not be as durable and scratch-resistant as granite or quartz.

But for those considering laminate countertops, it’s a given that some degree of long-term durability is necessarily sacrificed in favor of cutting costs. Modern-high-pressure laminates are still extremely durable compared to laminate products of the past.

FormicaOne of the most prominent laminate manufacturers,, produces their laminate under high heat, pressure, and then forms the final solid product. Also called high pressure laminates or HPL  Their proprietary process yields a fantastic-looking laminate that’s considerably stronger and more resistant to heat, scratching and staining than materials you’ve seen in the years gone by.

Stone vs. Laminate Countertops Remodeling Your Kitchen


If you have a small kitchen, the high costs of installing stone countertops will not be a problem. Stone will last longer than laminate but it is also more expensive. A quote for a stone countertop typically exceeds $2000. And that’s just for the materials. The good news? Formica laminate is a great choice for replicating the most popular stone options, such as granite, quartz and marble.

A laminate countertop will cost you about half the price of a stone countertop. Likewise, if you’re worried about your home’s resale value, this is hardly a consideration. When you go with stone countertops, you can’t always expect to recover the excess investment when it’s time to sell.

However, while laminate won’t factor directly into the appraised value of your home, keep in mind, the pattern that you select for your kitchen countertops is more important than the materials you use. Appealing buyers will be attracted to a timeless design. Laminate plastic offers many options for creating stunning kitchen designs. Laminates are also easier to maintain than stone and more resistant to stains.

How to Choose Your Laminate Countertop Remodeling Your Kitchen


There are so many options. How do you choose laminate countertops? One feature of plastic laminate surfaces that’s commonly overlooked is that manufacturers like Formica sell products with germ-killing antimicrobial features. These features are baked into the laminate. These qualities are baked into the laminate. They still need to be cleaned regularly, but they also provide protection against invisible pathogens found in your kitchen.

This technology has been used for years in hospital kitchens. If keeping your home safe from undetectable germs is a priority, you can’t go wrong with selecting a laminate product with antimicrobial features.

You know that the cost of laminate countertops is low, and they’re safe and easy to maintain. There are many other factors you should consider when choosing a plastic laminate material to use in your kitchen. For starters, if you’re concerned about your kitchen looking dated, it is doubtless that you probably want to ditch that drop-in sink. Laminate was the only option when laminate was available in the past. Since then, sink manufacturers have solved this problem.

It’s now possible to have laminate while opting for a more modern-looking under-mount sink. It is possible to have laminate and still make your kitchen look great. To update your kitchen, you want to redesign it. Laminate countertops offer endless design possibilities.

Final Thoughts Kitchen Renovation Design


If your main objective is to save money on materials and tackle your kitchen remodeling project DIY, laminate’s your clear choice. Laminate countertops are far less expensive than stone, and you won’t be dependent on a contractor for complex tasks like cutting, setting, and sealing your countertop. What’s even more appealing, you can readily buy laminate countertops that look like granite!

And as a bonus, you should never find yourself having a particularly messy evening in the kitchen with the meal prep and wine, you won’t have to worry about permanently staining a very expensive stone countertop. Laminate can be easily cleaned up the next day.

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