Razer Leviathan v2 Game Soundbar Delivers Big Sound, Front and Center – Video

Speaker 1: The second generation of Razor’s Leviathan gaming, soundbar, aptly named the Leviathan V2. It gets pretier and pricier. After about six years, Amal gains wireless support, it does lose some other useful connections, razor, giveth, and razor. Take it away.

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Speaker 1: Desktop sound bars are a great option for gaming well headsets essential. Most of the time for me, I live in an apartment. So [00:00:30] neighbors, I like to give my head a rest for games with ambient rather than essential soundtracks. You know, like when I don’t have to worry about something sneaking up on me thing, look like, or in the will of the Whis. And there’s always room underneath my monitor, but not necessarily anywhere else to put individual speakers. There’ve been quite a few changes in the Levithan on the outside, the down firing sub forgo for more traditional cube over last gins, more pyramidal shape. [00:01:00] The soundbar comes with extra feet to let you position it tilted upwards and it’s longer and more angular than before, just under 20 inches. But given that people generally have larger monitors than they did in 2015, it makes sense to let it use the extra space that space allows razor to add passive radiators, to the mix of drivers and tweeters and boost the response range.

Speaker 1: It used to go down to only 180 Hertz, but now it goes down to 45 Hertz. It also now supports 18 zones of CHMA lighting. One of the [00:01:30] biggest updates is Bluetooth 5.2 support in addition to USB. So you can now play it and control it from your phone and hot switch between a connected Bluetooth device, like a headset on the PC unfortu razor has dropped the 3.5 millimeter analog connector, which would’ve made it possible to connect to a console like the PS five or Xbox three X via the controller. It also dropped the optical out, which would work with other consoles. It never had, and still doesn’t have H EMI. [00:02:00] The traditional thinking is that a console is hooked up in a living room to a TV with a different sound system, but more and more people are hooking up their consoles to regular monitors.

Speaker 1: These days, including me, you can hack it with a Bluetooth adapter for the consoles, but the Bluetooth latency of the lava in the 60 milliseconds, unless you like the disconnect between what you see and what you hear in a fast moving game, it’s kind of a lot for virtual surround razor to switch to THX spatial, well [00:02:30] razor own THX. Now. So duh, I tend to prefer Adobe ATT most to THX spatial for directionality in the, in the rear left and right channels. But Hey, maybe that’s just my head more important. It only works with razor synapse utilities since that’s where the processing happens, which means it only works over USB and synapse requires you to log in which annoys some people you can access lighting and equalization presets via synapse though. There will also be app [00:03:00] support via Android and iOS devices. Well, you control those.

Speaker 1: It wasn’t ready for me. During testing sound quality is quite good. Given its size. It can get pretty loud without distortion, much louder than you’d want. If you’re sitting right in front of it, music has a nice sound stage with good separation and it can work without the Suber. If you need it to. And don’t mind a little loss of bass over Bluetooth. It’s nice for casual mobile games, such as the SAMO franchise, which leans heavily upon musical cues on [00:03:30] something like base heavy do maternal. It sounds a bit muddy, but that can also be the mix there. Aren’t a ton of desktop gaming sound bars to compete with the Leviathan. The LG ultra G G nine comes to mind. And though I think it’s still too expensive. I like that. It’s supportable and doubles as a speakerphone. The Leviathan V2 is great. If you want something that will give you a break from a headset and that can fit in a minimal amount of desktop space for more information about the razor of I [00:04:00] N V two can find a link in the comments along with a link to my full review, have any opinions.

Speaker 1: Tell me what you think below. Thanks for watching.

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