PureVPN Installation and Review On Linux Systems

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VPNs are not a monopoly. Before you settle on a VPN, it is important to shop around for the best one for your needs. This will ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

The best bang will always be the best service overall but that is hard to come by in a review, however, if you’re patient enough, you may just strike gold. Patience would be to install the options with a free trial and give them a try.

In this specific case, we’re going to overview the PureVPN setup for Linux. If you haven’t already, read the configuration instructions we have written earlier for NordVPNMake your deductions accordingly.

PureVPN – Why?

It can be difficult to adjust to a service like those offered by virtual private networks. Typically, they aren’t very friendly or functional. With PureVPN on Linux, the functionality is something one can hope to expect provided they’ve used the terminal before.


PureVPNThey are also one of the most important players, with an establishment that dates back more than a decade and half since their inception in 2007. This is a key factor in determining reliability.

There’s no real appeal to the potential of newer players that aren’t as established as the major players as reputation plays a big role in the perception of virtual private networks in the industry.

Concerning age and reputation PureVPNIt can use its expertise to improve the interoperability and usability of its service across platforms.

PureVPN features

PureVPN provides the following features to protect your data online. It securely accesses apps, websites, entertainment, and many more.

Military-grade encryption

A certifiable 256-bit secure encryption on all connections with an intentional cloak of privacy and security that doesn’t compromise on the core aspects.

PureVPN Encryption
PureVPN Encryption

Peer to Peer File Sharing

Do you care about P2P connections? This is your chance to join the P2P movement. It is the perfect way to increase your security when dealing torrents. You can access peer-to-peer connections anonymously.

PureVPN File Sharing
PureVPN File Sharing

Fastest Streaming

Are you familiar with the frustration of streamlining when connected to a virtual personal network? I can understand the bottlenecks associated with low-end VPNs. It all boils down to server availability. PureVPN does not have any issues with this. YouTube to streaming Disney+ or Hulu, it’s a refreshing experience indeed.

PureVPN Fastest Streaming
PureVPN Fastest Streaming

24/7 Support

One of the most common omissions in virtual private networks’ services is the absence of a clear support system. PureVPN does not have this problem. They’ve taken their service a step further by offering 24/7 customer support with a support team that isn’t chatbot-oriented.

PureVPN Support
PureVPN Support

PureVPN Installation in Linux

PureVPN installation is easy as pie. PureVPN is a great choice because it works across all platforms.

If you’re using Debian or other Debian derivatives, download PureVPN 32-bit or a 64-bit installerThen execute the commands below in sequence.

$ sudo dpkg -i purevpn_1.2.5_amd64.deb

Once you have the PureVPN installation process is done, run the command “purevpn” in your terminal and you should be able to see the output below:

$ purevpn

Linux PureVPN

Once we’ve concluded the process of installation and setup, it’s time to get ahead with the actual configuration necessary to begin the utilization of their servers.

You can login to your PureVPN account by using the below command:

$ purevpn
$ purevpn --login

Use the following command to connect to PureVPN:

$ purevpn-c
$ purevpn --connect

Now you should be able use PureVPN to your heart’s content. To navigate the program using the terminal, you can use the flags above.

This will allow you to maximize your virtual private network and enjoy a fair price of $1.99 per month, provided that you provide your credit card information. sign up for their 24 monthly planAs at the time this writing.

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