Occultism & Morality

Occultism andamp; Morality They are not synonymous. When it comes to occultism, many people believe this is an “immoral” practice. Ask 10 people and 9 out of 10 will say that people who engage with occult practices violate morality. This misconception stems from the fact that many people mistake black magic or satanic practices for occult and other esoteric traditions. philosophies, and wisdom.

However, if I haven’t already mentioned it in my blog post, you will know the difference between the accounts. esotericThe satanic practices. We can also discuss morality, which is an essential part of any occult practice, since you are an educated reader.

Morality & dogma

We are not just referring to the dogmatic side of morality when we speak about it. We discussed inner, inherited morality. This is something that lives inside you and is a part you. It is when your actions are guided by your own moral code, which is in tune with the natural law, the universe, and the principle of “more life for all”, as opposed to “more life for you, less for others”. This is, despite the fact that it sounds cliché, when you do the right things out of belief and not fear of being punished by the government or any religious organization.

Morality can be born or acquired. Nonetheless, it’s a lifetime process. People who are not moral can’t open up to extrasensory powers or other higher powers.

It is important to draw a line between morality and the truth. natural lawSchools teach morality and responsibility.

I’m not trying to question the modern education system, but I’m sure you would agree that it’s different across all countries and varies depending on the predominant political and religious regime. Again, without being bias or judging what’s right or what’s wrong, we can simply note that what is “moral” in the United Kingdom is immoral in Afghanistan. People who grew-up in China have different moral beliefs and guidance systems than people from Mexico. This doesn’t mean that one is moral and the other isn’t, it simply demonstrates the fact that dogmatic morality (even if it’s deeply rooted) is different from inner morality.

Ask yourself what your beliefs are.

As a general rule of thumb and I believe it applies to any area of one’s life, always question your belief system, by asking yourself who told me that this is right and that is wrong? Where did that information come from? Do I have evidence or am I relying on general knowledge or tradition with unknown origin or social norms to prove my point?

It was the constant questioning and reexamining of the status quo that led to many important scientific discoveries. I’m sure you would recall many great names in history such as Michael ServetusOr Giordano BrunoThey were burned to the ground for their discoveries. Saying that the Earth isn’t the center of the universe (which we now Learn moreIt is possible to execute someone if you are true).

I’m telling you this only because I want to encourage you to question your current set of beliefs. When you’re closing business transactions – are you operating out of fear, out of financial greed, or out of a sincere will to benefit both parties?

Ocultism and morality in everyday life

Again, please don’t get me wrong, I’m in no way calling for complete altruism. I am calling for “more life for all”, in the noun “life” is being used here in the widest sense of the word.

Occultism & Morality - Occultism & Morality - Scientific Occultism
The statue of Saints Barbara, Margaret, and Elizabeth at Charles Bridge (Prague in Czech Republic). Ferdinand Brokoff created this sculpture in 1707.

How does all this bring us back to morality

If you are not a good person, you will not be accepted as a freemason. If your morals or intentions are questionable, you will not be accepted into any respectable occult inner circle.

The Master of the esoteric wisdom won’t share any hidden knowledge with you. He would have the slightest doubt about your moral code and how this knowledge can be applied once it is in your hands.

In the next blog posts, I will discuss how to improve and test your morality. This is essential for you to keep moving forward and climbing up the ladder towards wisdom.

How do I apply morality to my day-to-day life?

When making decisions, it is natural for me to first and foremost consider my interests and my agenda. That is fine. I ensure that everyone involved benefits from my decisions and actions.

Let me know what you think about morality in comments below. What do you think occultism can be compared to morality? Are you a believer in occultism?

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