New Moon In Aries And The Oscar Slap –

Since this was psychodrama work, we would of course ‘act’ the insults by playing a role – it was not that we were purposefully being nasty. This was a guided exercise to trigger our blind spots, wounds, and enable us to understand and heal them.

My partner began insulting my feelings. At first I didn’t get triggered. Then he said something that really hurt to me. I knew he was acting, I knew he didn’t mean it, but still, I got hurt

No matter how much personal development work we’ve done, we all have ‘Triggers’. We all have our wounds. We can live with our hurts for many years, or even decades, UNTIL they are confronted and accepted.

This process is not easy – the 1st impulse is to shut down and run away from the pain. But The wound will heal if we are patient. – if we really stay with it, if we really try to understand it – incredible opportunities for growth await us. 

You might wonder why the psychodrama workshop was made to trigger our emotions. Why would anyone want to open cans full of worms that don’t need opening? Why would you want to intentionally hurt people?

The workshop leader understood something that few people in the healing industry can comprehend: The gift is in your wound. Our wound will continue to remind us – through painful experiences – that it’s our life’s purpose to pay attention to it and figure it out.  

Chiron – The Wounded Healer

Astrology: Chiron is responsible to the healing and trigger of injuries. Chiron is associated w/ feelings of abandonment. It can also cause feelings of inadequacy or inadequacy.

What makes Chiron unique from other difficult planetary archetypes Acute feeling or pain. When we have a Chiron transit, we feel like there’s something fundamentally wrong with us.

What makes things even worse is that while we’re painfully aware that something is not quite right, we also feel guilty for having these feelings, for feeling so vulnerable. 

A keyword for Chiron is ‘acute’. Our Chiron wound can be triggered all of the sudden and we’re pretty much powerless – we feel overwhelmed by pain and act from our deepest, earliest emotional conditionings. 

Chiron In Aries – The Identity Wound

More than any other Chiron sign. Chiron in Aries questions our very existence:What is the purpose of our existence? Is our existence meaningful? Is existence meaningful?

Since 2018, when Chiron entered Aries, we’ve witnessed an avalanche of selfies, photo filters, and look-at-me, influencer-types of posts on social media. While there’s nothing wrong with these tools and approaches, there’s something about the obsession and overuse that screams “overcompensation”. 

OvercompensationIs it excessiveA reaction to feelings of guilt, inferiority, or inadequacy. This can lead to an exaggerated effort to overcome the feeling. Aries is the 1st sign of the zodiac, the sign of “I am”.

The wound of identity is triggered by Chiron in Aries. Why are we here? Until we find out, we’ll do our best to show the world (and ourselves) that our existence matters. Our Instagram likes are ‘social proof’ that feeds our need for validation. 

New Moon In Aries – The Oscar Slap

The April 1, 2022: New Moon in AriesIt is closely linked to Chiron. The goal of this New Moon is to point to what it is that triggers us – to what it is that makes us feel hurt, wounded and rejected.

We are sensitive to our wounds and easily triggered because they have something very important. Our wounds are a sign of who we are and what we could become. IfWe know what it is. 

The OscarsChris Rock, host, made fun of Jada Pinkett. Will Smith, her husband saw that she was upset, and he went to the stage in order to slap Chris Rock.

Our astrological analysis doesn’t care if the event was real or fake. The event happened so that it influences our collective consciousness. 

What was the astrological situation at that time? The Moon-Mars conjunction, as well as other tense transits, can cause energy build-up.

The application is the most important thing Sun-Chiron conjunction in Aries. At the ceremony Mercury was exactly conjunct Will Smith’s natal Chiron. Something that Chris Rock said (Mercury) triggered Will Smith’s Chiron wound. 

There are many psychological reasons why Will Smith was triggered and experienced such a strong reaction. 

Some event analysts focused on Will Smith’s relationship with Chris Rock, others on his relationship with his wife. Some believe Will Smith felt emasculated. According to some, slapping Chris Rock may have been a knee-jerk reaction to show the world (and himself) ‘who’s the boss’, to (re)establish some alpha hierarchy. 

Ruled Mars by Aries, Aries refers to a masculine/Yang energy that describes how we express Yang energies. Chiron in Aries shows us where we might be hurt by the expression of our yang, initiating energy.

Will could have been born under Libra, the Venus-ruled sign. He may have taken on Libra qualities such as harmony, peace-seeking and harmony even though he was born under the influence Chiron in Aries. Trying to be the ‘nice guy’ for too long, he may have neglected his inner Mars, his inner warrior.

The final result is the The triggered wound shows who Will is right now vs. what Will might be.. Is he the best Aries version of himself? He has lived a life reflecting his Aries nature, taking action with courage and demonstrating integrity. 

When we neglect our Chiron, we’re at the mercy of our wound, which erupts every time it’s stirred. Our Chiron wound won’t let us live until we pay attention to it.

New Moon In Aries – Listen To Your Wound

The New Moon in Aries conjunct Mercury & Chiron is our chance to Let us be kind to each other and understand our differences.

How will this Chiron-flavored New Moon of Aries, Aries, unfold?

Some of us might even get into an argument. Mercury conjuncts Chiron = words for pain

Some may learn something that is painful, while others might recall a painful past event. Some of us may be able identify thinking patterns that have been operating as default mode and sabotaging themselves in unconscious ways. 

These thoughts and feelings are known as “wounded thoughts”. Spend more time with your children than you would normally.. Try to let go and listen from a deeper space. 

These are some questions you can ask yourself at Aries’ New Moon. 

  • Why do you feel that way? Hurt
  • What can I do? SimilarWhat is the Past?
  • Can I see any thing? Common patterns?
  • What am I? Overcompensating for? 
  • What is it?It’s happening!?
  • … and perhaps the most important question, What does my wound say about me? Who could I be?

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