New MacBook Pro: MagSafe returns – Video

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Speaker 1: The new MacBook pro has been reimagined in every way. Let’s start with the keyboard users value the full height function row on the standalone magic keyboard. And we’ve brought it to the MacBook pro the physical keys, replace the touch bar, the familiar, tactile feel of mechanical keys that pro users love. The keyboard is set in a double ized Blackwell that elegantly highlights the [00:00:30] back lit cliffs on the keys, and it’s complimented by our expansive industry leading force touch track. PADD that’s perfect for pro applications. Now let’s talk about connectivity. Having a wide range of ports can make life a lot easier for pros. So I’m excited to share that we’re adding ports to the new MacBook pro on one side, there’s an H DMI port for conveniently connecting to displays and TVs, a Thunderbolt four port, which connects to high speed peripherals [00:01:00] and an SD hard slot enabling fast access to media.

Speaker 1: On the other side, the headphone Jack now has advanced support for high impedance headphones. And there are two more Thunderbolt, four ports for a total of three in the system. And yes MagSafe is coming back to the map of pro MagSafe. Three has a new design that supports more power into the system, and you can still charge via the Thunderbolt ports. Display support is better than ever as well. [00:01:30] With M one pro you can connect up to two pro display XDS and with M one max, you can connect up to three pro display XDS and a 4k TV. All at the same time, that’s over 75 million pixels of screen real estate, and you still have ports available to connect to high fidelity headphones and camera media all without a single adapter. This is the most advanced connectivity ever on a Mac notebook.

Speaker 2: [00:02:00] We’ve created something wild with a fire in its belly. This thing draws everything in moving silently night and [00:02:30] day into the deepest blacks and brightest lights. It’s eye razor shock it’s sound deafening pretty dangerous. So why would anyone give this beast small power? You’d have to be reckless. [00:03:00] What have we done? And more importantly, what will you do?

Speaker 3: So that’s the new MacBook pro. [00:03:30] We couldn’t be more excited about what this groundbreaking system can do. It allows pros to unleash their creativity in ways that were previously UN imaginable and is for anyone who simply wants the world’s best notebook. When you compare the 14 inch model to the previous high end 13 inch MacBook pro you get a giant leap in performance up to seven more hours of battery life, a larger display with XDR and advanced camera, high fidelity audio, and more ports all for 1999. [00:04:00] And when you compare the new 16 inch pro to the previous model, you also get a massive boost in performance and capabilities for 24 99. Both models are available in silver and space gray. You can order it today and it’ll be available next week. Today, we’ve completely redefined high performance, apple Silicon with M one pro and M one max. They are by far the most powerful and capable chips we’ve ever created, and there’s never been anything like them [00:04:30] together with M one, they form an incredible family of chips that leads the industry in performance and power efficiency. The new MacBook pro joins a 13 inch pro with M one create the strongest lineup of pro notebooks we’ve ever offered.

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