New Excel Functions

I’m thrilled to share with you the supply of 14 new Excel features designed that will help you extra simply manipulate textual content and arrays in your worksheets. 

Textual content Manipulation Features

When working with textual content, a typical process to finish is “break aside” textual content strings utilizing a delimiter. You possibly can already do that with combos of SEARCH, FIND, LEFT, RIGHT, MID, SUBSTITUTE, and SEQUENCE, however we’ve heard from a lot of you that these might be difficult to make use of.

To make it simpler to extract the textual content from the beginning or finish of a cell’s contents, we’re releasing two features that merely return every thing earlier than or after your chosen delimiter. Welcome, TEXTBEFORE and TEXTAFTER!

We’ve additionally made it simple to “cut up” textual content into a number of segments utilizing TEXTSPLIT. Every textual content section is then robotically spilled into its personal cell by means of the magic of dynamic arrays. 

Text 1.gif

• TEXTBEFORE – Returns textual content that’s earlier than delimiting characters

• TEXTAFTER – Returns textual content that’s after delimiting characters

• TEXTSPLIT – Splits textual content into rows or columns utilizing delimiters

Array Manipulation Features

Because the launch of dynamic arrays in 2019, we’ve seen a big enhance within the utilization of array formulation. To make it simpler to construct compelling spreadsheets utilizing dynamic arrays, we’re releasing a set of 11 new array manipulation features.  

Combining Arrays

It may be difficult to mix knowledge, particularly when their sources are versatile in dimension. With VSTACK and HSTACK, you may simply mix dynamic arrays, stacking your knowledge vertically or horizontally. 

Combining 2.gif

  • VSTACK – Stacks arrays vertically
  • HSTACK– Stacks arrays horizontally

Shaping Arrays

It has been difficult to alter the “form” of knowledge in Excel, particularly from arrays to lists and vice versa. If you end up with a two-dimensional array that you just wish to convert to a easy record, use TOROW and TOCOL to transform a 2D array right into a single row or column of knowledge. 

Utilizing the WRAPROWS and WRAPCOLS features, do the alternative: create a 2D array of a specified width or top by “wrapping” knowledge to the subsequent line (similar to the textual content on this doc) as soon as your chosen width/top restrict is reached. 

Shaping Short 2.gif

  • TOROW – Returns the array as one row
  • TOCOL – Returns the array as one column
  • WRAPROWS – Wraps a row array right into a 2D array
  • WRAPCOLS – Wraps a column array right into a 2D array


Resizing Arrays

Arrays too massive? No drawback. Enter the TAKE and DROP features! They permit you to scale back your arrays by specifying the variety of rows to maintain or take away from the beginning or finish of your array.

Equally, utilizing CHOOSEROWS or CHOOSECOLS, you may decide particular rows or columns out of an array by their index.

EXPAND lets you develop an array to the dimensions of your selection—you simply want to supply the brand new dimensions and a worth to fill the additional area with. 

Resizing Short 1.gif

  • TAKE – Returns rows or columns from array begin or finish
  • DROP – Drops rows or columns from array begin or finish
  • CHOOSEROWS – Returns the required rows from an array
  • CHOOSECOLS – Returns the required columns from an array
  • EXPAND – Expands an array to the required dimensions

Eventualities to attempt

  • Use “ “ (area) as a delimiter with TEXTBEFORE to extract the primary title and TEXTAFTER to extract the final title 
  • Use TEXTSPLIT to separate the names into an array with “ “ (area) as a delimiter 

While you wish to mix two ranges of knowledge: 

  • Use VSTACK to mix two ranges of knowledge vertically 
  • Use HSTACK to mix two ranges horizontally 


These features are at the moment out there to customers operating Beta Channel, Model 2203 (Construct 15104.20004) or in a while Home windows and Model 16.60 (Construct 22030400) or in a while Mac.

Don’t have it but? It’s most likely us, not you.

Options are launched over a while to make sure issues are working easily. We spotlight options that you could be not have as a result of they’re slowly releasing to bigger numbers of Insiders. Typically we take away parts to additional enhance them primarily based in your suggestions. Although that is uncommon, we additionally reserve the choice to drag a characteristic fully out of the product, even when you, as an Insider, have had the chance to attempt it.

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