Metaverse Fashion Week: FWO Interviews CEO and Metaverse Group Executive Chairman, Andrew Kiguel

Andrew Kiguel, CEO of and Executive Chairman of the Metaverse Group, Into the Metaverse of Fashion

The momentum for metaverse commerce in fashion and NFT commerce in metaverse continues to build as we emerge after a month of fashion shows all over the globe and surge towards the end March and the first Metaverse Fashion Week.

Beginning March 24, Decentraland — one of the first and most well-known playgrounds for persistent digital worlds — will host MVFW’s series of virtual reality experiences.

The events will take place in Decentraland’s Fashion District, recently purchased by Metaverse Group in a $2.4M virtual land deal that’s the largest-ever for digital real estate.

Metaverse Fashion Week is not a niche event. It is already attracting a lot of interest from the industry.

Selfridges will kick off the event on March 23 with the inauguration of its flagship metaverse store, featuring immersive experiences with Paco Rabanne and Victor Vasarely, and shows will include the likes of Dolce & Gabbana, Etro, Dundas, The Fabricant, and crypto artist FEWOCiOUS.

The industry is already enthusiastic about Metaverse Fashion Week

A luxury shopping area inspired by Paris’ fabled Avenue Montaigne will host virtual brand/shopping experiences by Tommy Hilfiger, Dolce & Gabbana, Elie Saab, Jacob & Co., Franck Muller, Garrett Leight, Cavalli, Faith Connexion and Faith Tribe, Nicholas Kirkwood, and Chufy, among others.

But how can one attend? What can attendees expect to see?

FWO spoke to Andrew’s CEO, Metaverse Group’s parent company, is available to answer any questions.

Interview with Andrew Kiguel CEO and Metaverse Group Executive Chairman, Andrew Kiguel
Andrew Kiguel, CEO of and Executive Chairman of Metaverse Group, is

Q:What makes Metaverse Fashion Week so exciting?

Anybody with an internet connection can attend, it’s free, and it takes one minute to create a guest account and avatar.

Because the curiosity factor is high, we expect a broad audience. Many people have wanted to attend New York or Paris Fashion Week but couldn’t, and Metaverse Fashion Week allows people to attend from their own homes.

it’s free, and people can attend from their own homes

The fashion event attendees will be able to experience the experience at their fingertips. There will be runway shows, experiences and other activities just like there are in the real world. Decentraland will offer attendees the opportunity to interact directly with the models and their clothes.

If you like a model’s clothes, you can click on them and navigate to a shopping experience on the designer’s site for that line of physical fashion to be delivered to your home. You may also want to own the digital outfit from the show, so you can buy it as an NFT. As long as you have connected MetaMask, a digital wallet, such as MetaMask,

If you like a model’s clothes, you can click to have them delivered to your home

Q:What about the styles and models at MVFW. What will be different about the shows, which follow different rules than other fashion week events and shows?

One of the most exciting aspects of hosting a fashion event within the metaverse is the fact that the rules of Physics don’t apply to the designs.

Designers do not have to conform to gravity and weight. Instead, they can create looks that would be impossible for the physical world.

Designers can create looks that are not possible in the real world

Q: What’s special about Decentraland? Why did, the Metaverse Group invest so heavily in Decentraland?

Decentraland has proven its ability to host large events with concerts attended by more than 50,000 people. They are also helping brands create something special.

Although the Metaverse Group has made investments in six metaverses, we believe that the opportunity to attend Metaverse Fashion Week Decentraland for free, to enjoy after-parties, live concerts, and shop physical and digital fashion, will be a powerful way to create inclusive spectacles that bring people closer together.

We believe Metaverse Fashion Week will be a wonderful way to bring people together


How to Attend

Register for a guest account before March 24th or later. Decentraland.comYou can create a free account to get quick access to the show or a digital wallet linked to it to make purchases at the event.

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