Kirby and the Forgotten Land: All Present Codes


With Present Codes, you can claim some free items in Kirby’s new Nintendo Switch adventure.


As you make your way through Kirby and the Forgotten Land for Nintendo Switch, the kidnapped Waddle Dees you rescue will slowly rebuild the game’s central hub area, Waddle Dee Town. One of the facilities you’ll eventually unlock here is Waddle Dee-liveries, a postal service where you can redeem special Present Codes for in-game items, including Star Coins and Attack Boosts. Here’s the full list of Present Codes and how to redeem them.

Present Codes

Here are all the Present Codes currently available and the items you’ll receive from each:


  • 100 Star Coins
  • 1 Car-Mouth Cake


  • 150 Star Coins
  • 1 Attack Boost





  • 1 Rare Stone
  • 1 Car-Mouth Cake


  • 300 Star Coins
  • 1 Rare Stone



  • 500 Star Coins
  • 1 Attack Boost


  • 300 Stars Coins
  • 1 Kirby Burger

How to redeem the codes

Waddle Dee-liveries will open for business after you’ve rescued at least 50 Waddle Dees in total. Once the facility is up and running, simply speak to the receptionist at the front desk and input the above codes when prompted to receive their respective items.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land launched for Nintendo Switch on Mar. 25. You can read more about the new game in our Kirby and the Forgotten Land review. Tetris 99 players will also be able to unlock a special Kirby and the Forgotten Land theme during the next Maximus Cup event, which runs from Apr. 22 to Apr. 25.

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