Improve Boxed Mac and Cheese By Giving It the Tuna Casserole Treatment

In Cheap Tricks we’ll help you make the most out of everyday supermarket staples. Today we will show you how to make boxed mac & cheese better.

The 18 months it took to make boxed macaroni cheese and cheese was quite long. Kraft factories had the responsibility of dramatically increase shiftsto meet the tidal surge of demand, fueled by nostalgia and remote working. Cheetos released its own neon-hued Flamin’ Hot contribution, which flew from shelves. Even Gal Gadot made a forayIn the aisle, her DTC crafted from-plants take on the classic.

None of this changed my mind.

That is what I believe. All boxed macars are the same, and there is no perfect way to prepare them all. It’s the 15-minute, zero-fuss technique I turn to when I’m craving fancy pasta but can’t be bothered to chop an onion or uncase a sausage. It’s as easy as this:

1. Get a salty swim

How do you get a better boxed mac? Over-salt your water. Whatever brand you choose for your noodles, they tend to be smaller and take less time. To season, use those minutes. A single box of macaroni costs $1. I add 1 heaping tablespoon. Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt to 6 cups of Water

2. You can ignore the instructions in the box

Bring the water to a boil. Set the timer to cook the noodles for 2 minutes less than what the box suggests.Most boxed macaroni shapes, like wagon wheels or elbows, are small and fragile so they can quickly turn to mush. Once your timer is set, you can start checking for doneness. You’ll want to get the noodles outta there as soon as they’re al denteIt is the definition of. JustIt should be cooked until tender, with a firm bite at the center.

While the noodles are cooking, prepare your mix ins.

3. Give it the tuna casserole treatment

The box instructions instruct you to drain the noods and toss them with cheese powder, milk, or butter. But for a much better mac, you’re going to ignore those directives. You can upgrade a boxed mac by doing some work. WithThe flavor packet, which can be a little chemically oriented. The ingredients in Macella Hazan’s fettuccine col sugo di tonno con aglio e pannaYou can do it with pasta with tuna sauce, garlic and cream. (Nonnas everywhere, I beg your forgiveness.

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