How to Create an Portrait Artwork with Autumn Colors

On this tutorial you’ll study to create a portrait of a lovely girl in a heat autumn background utilizing lights, distinction, colours and different changes.

Preview of Result


Step 1

Obtain the Backgrounds pack and open in Photoshop the background quantity 5. Double click on on the layer to unlock it. Flip the picture horizontally (CTRL + T > Flip Horizontally). Crop the half we wish to be the bottom of our work.


Step 2

We wish to give to the background some distinction. Duplicate the background twice (CTRL + J). Set the primary duplicated background to Display screen to boost the lights. Set the second to Multiply to boost the shadows. That is what you should have.


Step 3

Extract the Woman from the background (I used the Fast Choice Device + Refine Edges, however everybody has their very own finest technique). I beforehand smudged the mannequin pores and skin, however this isn’t the intention of this tutorial and it does not have an effect on the ultimate end result. Put her in a brand new layer above the backgrounds layers.


Step 4

Now we now have to mix the Woman with the Background. I desaturated a bit the woman and eliminated a few of brightness. To try this add a Hue / Saturation Adjustment Layer just for the Woman and set the Saturation to -19 and Lightness to -8.


Step 5

Now we work on the colours. Add a Coloration Stability Adjustment Layer solely to the Woman and put these settings:

  • Shadows > +14 +7 -16
  • Midtones > +11 +7 0
  • Highlights > +10 +5 -5

Step 6

We wish to mix extra all the pieces. Open the pack containing the bokeh and add the quantity 2 in a brand new layer above all the pieces. Rotate it like within the image under (CTRL + T).


Step 7

Set the Bokeh to Gentle Gentle. Opacity and Fill to 75%.


Step 8

Add a Gradient Map Adjustment Layer and select the one you see under from the presets.


Step 9

Set the Gradient Map to Gentle Gentle with Opacity and Fill to 80%.


Step 10

Add one other Gradient Map and set it like under.


Step 11

Set the Gradient Map to Gentle Gentle with Opacity and Fill 80%.


Step 12

Let’s work now on shadows and lights. Initially we have to make the background darker. Add a Brightness / Distinction Adjustment Layer above the three backgrounds and put:

  • Brightness -54 and Distinction +48

That is to this point what you may have.


Step 13

Create a brand new layer under the Woman and paint with white under her, going out her edges.


Set the layer to Gentle Gentle.


Step 14

Create a layer under the one you will have simply accomplished. Choose the colour #572e07. With the Gradient instrument (linear – #572e07 to clear) make a gradient just like the picture under.


Set the layer to Multiply with Opacity and Fill at 80%.


Step 15

Create a brand new layer under the one containing the bokeh texture and add the flying chicken.


Step 16

Add a Hue / Saturation Adjustment Layer just for the chicken. Examine ‘Colorize’ and put these settings:

  • Hue 44
  • Saturation 15

Step 17

Create a brand new layer over the Hue/Sat you edited within the earlier step. Choose the colour #ffe7ba and with a delicate spherical brush paint one thing just like the picture under.


Set the layer to Gentle Gentle with Opacity 81% and Fill 87%.


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