How to Create a Chilling Portrait Manipulation for Halloween


Learn how to add a deadly-look to a portrait photo. This Photoshop tutorial will show you how to use a skull to give the face a creepy look, apply lighting effects, and more.

Preview of Final Results


Step 1- Choose the Model.

This Picture is great to create this type of manipulation, because the model’s make up help a lot.


Step 2 – Change the size.

To do this go to Image -> Image size. Or Press (Alt+Ctrl +I). Resize the image to: Width:837 X Height: 1300 pixels and press ok.


Step 3- Select the Model.

Use the Lasso tool to Select the model.


Step 4- Duplicate a Layer

To duplicate that selection press Ctrl + J. Also you can give a right click in the selection and press the option Layer via copy.


You are going to have something like this:


Step 5 – Less Saturation

Duplicate the layer once again (Ctrl + J). In this layer reduce the Saturation (Ctrl + U) option Saturation: -100.


Step 6- Set the layer blend mode in Soft light.

To get more contrast use the layer in soft light mode with and reduce the opacity by: -50.


Step 7- The Skin

Use the Lasso tool to select the model’s skin and duplicate the layer (Ctrl +J).


Step 8- Reduce the Saturation

Press Ctrl + U. Or go to Image -> Adjustments -> Hue/ Saturation. In the option Saturation reduce at -50.


Step 9- Multiply

Duplicate once again the model’s layer, but the one you desaturate earlier(Ctrl+J). And change the mode to Multiply.


Step 10- Blending the layers.

Now you need to blend this three layer together. With the right click underneath the layer choose the option “Merge Down.” Do this also with the multiply layer. At the end you will have just one layer.


Step 11- Using eraser at the edges.

Pass the eraser tool in the model’s outline, to get a softer look at the edges.


Step 12- Skull

Open the skull layer and put over the model’s face.


Step 13- Reduce the size of the skull

Press Ctrl+T and reduce the skull size ultil it fits with the model.You can reduce the opaticy to see through the skull layer.


Step 14- erase the parts you don’t need

Leave just the “eye” of the skull, erase the rest with the eraser tool.


Step 15- making the other eye.

Duplicate the layer (Ctrl+J) to make the other eye, and change the size (Ctrl+T)


Merge the layer with the first one. And continue with the free transform until you get the result you want.


Step 16 blendig the eyes

Reduce the saturation (Ctrl+U) or Image – Adjustments- Hue/Saturation. Saturation at: -53.


Step 17 – keep blending

Duplicate the eyes layer and use the layer in soft light mode with 30% of opacity.


Step 18- Finding the nose

Pick the nose from another skull, and select it with the lasso tool, press Ctrl+J to copy the selection.


Step 19- reduce the nose

Make the nose smaller with free transform (Ctrl+T).


Step 20- less saturation

Reduce the saturation of the nose (Ctrl+U) or Image- Adjustments- Hue/ Saturation. In the option Saturation: -70.


Step 21- more details

Fix the nose with the smudge tool.


Step 22- Working with Colors

Go to the original layer of the model. And Duplicate (Ctrl+J). Change the color of that layer pressing (Ctrl + U) or go to Image- Adjustments – Hue/ Saturation.Change the Hue at 233 to get a purple tone.Then press ok to save the changes.

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