How To Choose The Right Companion Notebook For Book of Shadows?

Today I’d like to talk to you about choosing the right notebook. Well, probably the most important key for me, when it comes to choosing a “life companion”, is the Quality of the paperThe brand should be the focus, not the brand. It’s important to note, that Leuchtturm1917Despite its bullets structure, the bullet journal is still the most popular.

You can now buy notebooks from other suppliers that offer dots design, so Leuchtturm1917 may not be your only option.How To Choose The Right Companion Notebook For Book of Shadows? - Companion Notebook - Book of Shadows

Personally, I don’t like Leuchtturm1917, because of their poor quality of paper, it’s extremely thin, only 70g/m2 paper, which is an awfully thin paper, that does not allow drawing or writing on both sides of the paper, without having it leaking to the other side. It is a horrible thing when writings leak through!

These pens (such a Sakura) are incredibly useful, especially considering that we almost always use oil-based ink pens for writing in our notebooks. Always leak to the other side, unless it’s a 90g/m2 paper.

The RhodiaIt is a great 90g/m2 French alternative, and has stood the leak-through test bravely alongside nearly all of my pens. Moleskin is far and away the worst notebook (yes, despite the price and brand’s popularity!).

How To Choose The Right Companion Notebook For Book of Shadows? - Companion Notebook - Book of ShadowsLeuchtturm1917 leak-through test… The ghosting is very visible.

And, although I’m absolutely in love with the dotted paper structure, lately I found myself switching over local “Oxford” notebooks, which have significantly thicker and higher quality paper, even though they offer only classical grid-based design.

You can also look on Amazon or eBay for more alternatives, all you need to do is pay attention to the quality of the paper, how thick it is (which determines grams per meter square, the more – the better), and whether the paper was bleached, polished or is it generic.

Another important point to consider is the size. Yes,It is important to measure. Most notebooks are offered in an A5 format (because it’s perhaps the most popular size ), which is exactly Half of your A4 paper. This size is convenient to take with you, it’s very portable, yet offers enough space for all your notes, lists, plans, and logs.

I own both A4 and a5 notebooks. A4 is better for planning ahead. I make a lot of comments and tend to write down every thought I have while planning something.

On the other hand, for my day-to-day notes, daily to-do-lists, lists of upcoming or completed tasks, the A5 notebook works best, because I can take it with me, it doesn’t take up too much space, and I still have plenty of room for my ramblings.

Last year, I also used an A6-format notebook. I hated it. It was way too small, so I had to always write my remarks in “keywords” rather than in full sentences, to make sure I don’t overflow the entire notebook in one day.

We discussed the importance of the paper’s size and quality. Obviously, The cover.I have made the same mistake in the past five year, choosing a notebook based upon the cover. How beautifully gilded is its cover. Paperblanks was a loyal client for many decades.

Of course, it’s not only the cover but also the quality of their paper, that won me over. But, as someone who is passionate about DIY crafts, I realized that the notebook, or a journal, can offer a lot more than just a cover. Hardcover, you can do pretty anything with its’ design. You can wrap it in a different wrapping paper, and seal it with masking tape.

You can print a photo or a message to personalize your design and build it around it. If you search eBay, for instance, for the keyword “scrapbooking”, you’ll find so many ideas and design elements, all for even less than a dollar.

How To Choose The Right Companion Notebook For Book of Shadows? - Companion Notebook - Book of Shadows

I purchased a set iron book corners last year. They can be attached to any notebook to instantly give it a more expensive look and protect the corners from being scuffed.

Moreover, if you’re crafty enough, you can take the hardcover from a previously used notebook or diary, (which is what I did with my old paperbacks diary!Attach it to your notebook. Neue diary. That way, you don’t need to pay so much money just for the cover. With a little bit of imagination, washi tapes, glue, and some scrapbooking elements, you can create your own unique diary, it will be much more luxurious any of the ones you can find in stores, moreover, it will be one-of-a-kind…

How to choose the right bullet journal notebook

To help you choose the right spiral ball magazines for you, I have compiled a list. Five bullet journalists were asked to share their favorite tools and what they use every day to help you feel less overwhelmed.

Although there is much information available on how to use it properly, you can still learn this simple system yourself. I did so with just a few tips.

Once you have a Bullet Journal as the foundation of your BUJO journey, it’s time to learn how your organized creation can be brought to life. From what I have gathered, you can adapt the Bullet Journal to your needs, but it won’t really do you much good. After you have created a bullet journal, there is still work to be done to customize the system to your needs.

Choose a Companion Notebook

If you are wondering what to get for your next Bullet Journal, I’m sure you’re looking for a cheat sheet on Bullet Journal Hacks, but I’ve found that once you’ve sorted your stocks, you can come up with new ideas. Midori notebooks have the best quality paper. It also comes in many beautiful colors. Before you start to think about what your Bullet Journal might contain, make sure to check the paper’s quality. Check out the selection of point grid journals for unique, very good, or test this notebook to see if it’s good for you to try bullet journalism if you want to keep your delivery costs to a minimum.

If you’re looking for a bullet journal with extra-thick paper, check out this beautiful notebook from Archer Olive to get the best paper and a great price.

You can always use any bullet journaling that you have, even if you aren’t sure if bullet journaling is right.

Before you go out and buy a notebook, or if you don’t have one, think about what you need in a notebook. You can literally use this notebook as a bullet journal, and if you don’t have a fancy notebook, you can start over and start over. A larger notebook might be better if you need to plan and move your Bullet Journal less often.

For publishing specialist journals and planning, however, this size of notebooks is not necessary. I didn’t feel like I had any notebooks lying around, so I didn’t feel the need to.

After 2 years of Bullet Journal, I have tried 3 of them, and it’s time to share with you my favorite disk-bound Bullet Journal Book. Read on to learn more about the different types of notebooks you’ll love to create a bullet journal at home.

Rachel from BUJO Plan Mindfully is the one who distributed this Bullet Journal distribution. She also has a blog dedicated to creating and maintaining Bullet Journals. When I go with this book because I have used it to find a balance in my life, it also has stimuli for myself – development and positive thinking.

If you really want to try bullet journaling, but don’t quite want to take the plunge and buy it, you can download the free point grid page and get some practice to see how to write journals with bullets. Today’s winner is the Bullet Journal Dot Grid Notebook, by Rachel from BUJO Planning Mindfully. This notebook will help you get started with BulletJournaling. You should also look at other bullet magazines, such as The New York Times, before you decide on the best Bullet magazine.

Empty notebooks are best when you’re looking for a minimalist bullet journal, because you’re making a lot of illustrations and you don’t want the dots to get in the way. These notebooks have a drawback: the point is too dark. This could limit your ability to create circulation notebooks, letters, and doodles. Honestly, I’m a big fan of Bullet Journal-coined covers, but I’m also a bit worried about the size and weight of some of them.

It can be difficult to choose the right notebook for a bullet journal. But, the most important thing to remember is to not rethink the decision. It will be a bit stressful to choose and choose the right notebook for your first bullet journal. If you’re taking the plunge into Bullet magazine, there are a number of options to consider before you jump, as well as some tips and tricks to choose the right notebook. Once you have found the “right” notebook for your bullet journal, you will have it much easier than if you tried it for the first time.

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