How to Calculate Numerology Predictions through Your Birth of Year

What are Numerology Predictions 2022?

Many people tune in to TV channels and astrology news to find out the year that is important to them. Today’s blog will be important for you and also for the student of Numerology Here I will show you how to calculate it Numerology Predictions You can find your birth date and even your year with this tool.

Numerology Predictions explains that the year of your birth is important in certain ways. There is always a rise or fall in our lives, and this change happens at a particular time in our lives.

You must add all the numbers that were seen during the birth to calculate the year in which the change occurred.

How to Calculate Your Life Path Numerology Predictions?

If you were born in 1980, then add all the numbers for that year. The sum is 18.

Next, add 18 numbers/digits the year of your birth, which is 1980.

From 1998, the sum of all digits is 1. 1998 is a significant date in the life of an individual. It is the year that has seen the most significant changes in their lives.

Or a major shift or possibility of a fall/rise in their professional or personal lives.

You can calculate the time between changes in the following sequences as a Numerologist:

The Year of Birth           1980

Add the total of digits        18


1980+18 = is the 1st important change year 1998

Add 19 more in 1998 to get the second major change in the life of a person born in 1980.


The First Period of Change           1998

Add the total of the Year 1998           27


1998+27 = The 2nd Most Important Change Year. 2025

This is how you add up the years, thus arriving at every moment. The year of change in a person’s life cycle is then determined.

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