Horoscopes for Mars in Pisces 2022

Mars dives into Piscean depths

After weeks of tension with Saturn, Mars finally joins the rest the planets in soaking in the Piscean Hot Springs. April 14th. Mars being Mars, this latest development may cause some tension in our tranquil waters. Remember passion? You can’t not. “Passion” has had us by the shirt collar for months. And now that we’ve perhaps come to terms with how to prioritize the heart (versus treating it like an afterthought), we are invited to participate in the immersive, full-body experience of what that actually entails.

The ocean of love remains an ocean full of divinity even when the waves are a little more choppy. When you add a little urgency to your daydream, it becomes an inspired call for action. The ecstatic is brought to life by the edge of eroticism.

Mars is represented in Pisces as pathos. The water of our collective emotion, elation and imagination becomes a tool to carve the most stubborn rock formations. The sauce is richer when we infuse our actions with emotion and a shared sense or meaning.

Jupiter and Mars swap abodes

From April 14thThrough May 10thMars is appointed as an apprentice by Jupiter in Pisces. After Jupiter enters Aries May 10thJupiter and Mars are exchanging home signs. However, there is no direct line to one. Our exuberance bursts into bloom, though we’re not necessarily sure where to apply it. It’s a classic case of “all hyped up with nowhere clear to go.” 

On May 17, Neptune and Mars will collide, and the disorientation peak. For a brief moment, we might be able save energy by letting the universe drive the car. It’ll all come out in the wash soon enough.

Your Mars in Pisces Horoscopes should be used as inspiration. Please read both the rising sign and sun sign horoscopes if you are unsure. You’ll know which one resonates more for you. Let go of the rest. If you would like to share this work please credit the source by quoting and linking to this post and this website. We are grateful for your support and for spreading this work around. We are truly grateful to you.

Steph Koyfman (Lady Cazimi) wrote the following horoscopes.

Aries glyph

Aries & Aries Rising

Not all courageous actions have to be publicized. Your mission is to go boldly where no one has gone before.

It’s not so much that you’re launching yourself into the abyss. It’s more that you’re positioning yourself to surrender to the disintegration of your complexes, which we all have as humans. These must come before you’re able to hold your own entropy in a state of grace.

In its quest for infinite love, the brave heart sometimes performs a rite of self-annihilation. You can be “all in” for the process and remain skeptical of the fact that ego death can look like redemption and self-effacement at the same time.

You begin to sense your edges more clearly after May 10th and you can see how eager they feel to grow. You should still be vigilant for your own safety as you sacrifice some deeply held defense mechanisms around May 17. You wouldn’t want to accidentally sacrifice some of your agency in the process.

Taurus glyph

Taurus & Taurus Rising

While the urge to merge is strong, this urge is more than any lateral impulse. You are learning to move with instinctual intelligence like a single fish swimming in concert with its school or a flock of birds flying into formation.

It’ll be easy to get carried away with the collective, but if you let it, this can translate to a healing experience of belonging to something big, beautiful, and meaningful. It’s important to keep your eyes on the prize and not lose yourself in the rush to reach it. 

Only as strong is the guiding ethics of any movement that you are a part of, can it be cohesive. Your rallying cry will spread further than water if it is amplified. Tapping into the shared emotional undercurrent not only clarifies the purpose of what you’re doing as a group, but it also quite reinforces your interconnectivity.

You might feel like you’re losing the plot somewhat around May 17th, or at best, getting swept up in some friend drama where no one’s really sure who they’re mad at. Keep your eyes on the bigger picture, even if it isn’t in the frame.

Gemini glyph

Gemini & Gemini Rising

So much of what animates you, what rouses you to attention, is directly tied to the community you’re in service to. The inverse of this is that your motivation typically lags when you don’t have a clear sense that your actions are ultimately helping people. 

This is your chance to give your all to your latest passion project. This is an opportunity you’ll likely seize as you can finally see your full impact. Mars can help you to let go of any doubts or hesitations that you may have about your professional glow-up.

You’ll start to see the ripple effects of your efforts fanning out into the collective after May 10th. While it’s exciting to sense the building momentum of more people getting on board with your vision, you might also notice that certain things get lost in translation the more people join the game of telephone.

This is a necessary distortion you’ll have to grapple with if you’re ever going to put your work out into the world. Around May 17th, a temporary feeling of disorientation occurs. Don’t give up just because you lost the thread for a moment.

Cancer glyph

Cancer & Cancer Rising

These past months have offered you a gentle path to enlightenment. You can also expect a renewed faith and a heart-opening that will allow the whole world to join you. Mars now joins the holy chorus of those who wish to ignite your discovery process into rapture.

Eroticism is a perfectly fine thing to bring to the table when you’re experiencing your own divinity. Passion is not something you do but something you allow to continue. Learning knowledge is not enough. Being enthralled with it is something else. It is up to you to follow it like a wave in its beginning, but eventually you will have to let it guide you.

It will be easy for you to lose yourself in an immersive experience that combines spirituality, travel, study, and theory. This can be a profoundly healing experience for the part of yourself that was feeling empty. It can also stimulate your creativity and help you achieve your goals.

Keep an anchor attached to the seafloor to complete your odyssey. You might feel a little shipwrecked around May 17th, but disillusionment will only make you run out of steam when you’re unwilling to adapt. Keep going, reposition your sails and most importantly, keep moving.

Leo glyph

Leo & Leo Rising

You are often a trend-setter in generosity. Isn’t it kind of nice to be on the receiving end of that for a change? Isn’t it also kind of terrifying, even upsetting to your ego’s self-concept as the giver of all light?

You have received gentle encouragement over the last few months to allow others in and to accept that you may need support from time to time. Pisces’ Mars influence might make it more difficult for you to engage in these types of exchanges.

Debt is a major problem in the inter-dependence networks that ensure our mutual survival. We still take these debts to our graves and consider them evidence of love. Pushing through your hesitancy feels a lot more like jumping directly into an oncoming tsunami, despite the desire to avoid it. It’s counterintuitive, yet safer at the same time.

Your fears will either disperse into a fine mist around May 17th, or that’s just when you reach peak confusion around this process. It’s still fine and necessary to keep your guard up in this vast intimacy soup, but you might have to listen closely to tell whether your defenses are protecting you or getting in the way.

Virgo glyph

Virgo & Virgo Rising

Maybe the past few months have been a gradual encouragement to expect only the best from others. Perhaps your heart has opened in subtle but profound ways. Mars gives you the courage and desire for deep intimacy with another person.

If it feels troubling to let your guard down, let it provoke you in all the right ways, and into questioning what you’re really afraid of. If this next level of closeness introduces some passionate conflict into the otherwise gentle bonds you’re developing, take it as a sign that there’s enough trust between you to contain it all.

It seems that the next step will be to embrace the risks of merging your lives together, relying on each other more concretely, and even collaborating deeper. 

You’ll start to sense the excitement of where this could go after May 10th, but there’s still a bit of confusion to navigate before you charge ahead. May 17th is when the disorientation peak. This could be a good opportunity to surrender to the current and let the momentum take you wherever you lose your senses.

Libra glyph

Libra & Libra Rising

There’s so much magic in the mundane, it turns out. You can make your world seem bigger by simply allowing yourself to be present in the midst of your daily grind. Self-care doesn’t always make it onto the highlight reel of your life, but your life expands the more you do it.

These are lessons you’ve been witnessing and internalizing for the last few months. Pisces Mars is the sign of investing in your health and wellness.

To fully immerse oneself in this work, you must ride your energy reserves like a wave. Finding balance means accepting different levels of effort. It might also mean making work feel less like work. Transform chores into magical rituals. Get involved in the after-work social event. You can make your life easier by committing time now.

In fact, don’t assume you have to do it all alone. There may be room for your primary relationships to grow along with you in this direction. Some of that potential will become more evident after May 10th. However, you’ll still have to guard against the burnout and squandered willpower that can result, especially around May 17th. Sometimes doing less is better than doing more.

Scorpio glyph

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

You have been calling for the pool party all along. Now is the time to let go of your doubts and join in the fun. When life opens up, it merits stepping into the art director’s role, casting yourself as a participant, and enjoying whatever creative chaos ensues.

Your presence is essential for the bacchanal’s full swing. Your enthusiasm can make a huge difference in your erotic lifestyle, creative energy, and playdates. 

It is possible to learn a lot from simply watching the children’s imagination at work. If you are able, get to their level and actively engage in the wonderland.

Sometimes diving into an exhilarating experience can feel like diving into the deep end. Keep a flotation device handy just in case you need to get up. You might feel ghosted by your sense of creative direction around May 17th, but it’ll return soon. See if you can co-create by letting go of control.

Sagittarius glyph

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

Compared to a year ago, “home” is a concept that’s expanded to encompass much more than you ever dreamed possible. This, along with a little more empathy towards your caregivers and ancestors, has helped to define what it means to forgive in your own heart instead of thinking that you have to give it away to others who may not be worthy.

With Mars joining the whirlpool that’s quickening at the foundation of your chart, a sense of urgency and intensity raises the stake a little higher. You must be fully present to answer lineage questions and decide which traditions you want. You are not only the song that made you, but also the verses you add to it.

You might be aware that to unleash your creativity, you may need to let go of old resentments. It is always a good idea to start at home. Get to the root of the problem and use your anger to achieve grace.

You’ll feel even more buoyant and aware of the blank slate in your hands after May 10th. Still, don’t abandon the process of cleaning up your own house before it’s complete. Your grudges will reach their peak around May 17th. However, your sense of direction might also begin to fade. It’s okay to feel a little aimless for now if you don’t know who you are without your anger. The generative impulse is against a vacuum.

Capricorn glyph

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

You’ve been hanging out at a spoken word poetry mixer that’s been climbing toward a euphoric pitch. Mars joins this function and the gentle wave, dialogues, skillshares, and ideas gains a slight edge. Your imagination can grow by being a little more provocative. Get out there again, but this time with more feeling.

This is a good time to learn, share, discuss, and write. It can be a great way to experience ecstatic moments by getting back into your daily routines and practices.

But the point is in your purpose. Your inspired words have world-building potential right now. Your habits are full of resonance. Your closest friends are not only keeping you together, but also bringing you back into wholeness. You can actively accelerate everyday miracles if you engage with them.

If you fall in love with a new neighborhood during a whimsical adventure around town, don’t be too surprised if you can quickly see yourself putting down roots there, especially after May 10th. However, it is possible to get lost in the fog, especially around May 17th.

Aquarius glyph

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

You might have to pay a little upfront for some of your most ambitious ideas and plans. Fortunately, you’re having an easier time trusting that the money and energetic resources you release into the flow of circulation will eventually find their way back to you.

Even though your spending may increase, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a reckless consumption grab. It’ll be easy to get carried away on a swell of enthusiasm, but imbuing your expenditures with meaning and purpose has a way of amplifying their intangible value. 

Engaging with your abundance mantras is more than a theoretical exercise. It’s a way to make them a praxis. Stay grounded in the big picture of what it’s all for, and you’ll be less likely to wake up with a hangover of indulgence.

You may be more susceptible to losing the plot around May 17th. This is a good time for you to prepare yourself against any acquisitions without a clear purpose. Instead, allow yourself to be a little unfinished in the name of expanding your ability for having.

Pisces glyph

Pisces & Pisces Rising

It’s all good to float in an ocean of limitless potential when the vibes are this good. What happens when you become an active part in an interactive display of divinity? If you had to choose, where would this party take place?

These past months have encouraged you bring your best self to the surface for all to see. It may have taken a long time for you to see the vitality of your generosity of spirit, your embrace and the bounty of what your multiply. 

Yours is a warm hug, but you don’t always have to be the one absorbing it all. Don’t forget you have plenty of agency around where you direct your dream mobile. If anything, inviting your values and principles more directly into the process will give you a more resoundingly clear sense of where to go with all this momentum you’ve gathered.

After May 10, you might feel a rising sense of excitement around resourced and especially what you can do to make the most of what you have. Keep your eyes on the bigger picture and where you are ultimately going to be in the equation. You might feel a little scattered, burnt out, or confused around May 17, so keep your energy up. Even the oceans have finite resources.

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