hiTechMODA- Finding The Silver Lining

hiTechMODA- Finding The Silver Lining

iTechMODA, an award-winning, high-profile preparatory runway, assists models in moving from hiTechMODA to become full-time professional models, actors and entertainers while also creating exposure for their amazing designers.

Models and Designers are given the platform – they do the work, with a full production that allows individuals to be a part of something meaningful, while building their resume. The team is known for saying “you don’t go from the home to the NFL, there is preparation, sacrifice, and investment along the way.” hiTechMODA has watched their models and designers grow dramatically through their hard work and talent.

hiTechMODA- Finding The Silver Lining

NYFW hiTechMODA was the only fashion company to host a live production in New York City, continuing the spirit of New York Fashion Week. While the 2021 year was full of adjustments due to the continuing pandemic, hiTechMODA produced multiple productions. hiTechMODA produced another NYFW in person at the New Yorker Hotel on February 14, 2020 as the pandemic continued its impact on lives, businesses, and communities. It was one of very few production houses that could do this. “It was important to me to provide hope to the people, a little ‘normalcy’ during challenging times,” said Producer, PS Privette, “NYC is and always will be important to me.”

HiTechMODA Productions continued to battle the pandemic. In July, hiTechMODA NY South and Orlando Swim Week joined hiTechMODA Productions on the road to Florida’s fashion scene. The fashion show was a great success, even in a new place. hiTechMODA ended the 2021 year in style with NYFW Season 6 at The Edison Ballroom. This venue is located in the heart of Times Square. hiTechMODA had a great start for 2022. With the completion of NYFW Season 7 #no apologize, hiTechMODA set the tone with its visions for growth and improvement. The team is looking forward for more success with the upcoming events that will be held in Charlotte, North Carolina, Orlando and Florida, as well as back to New York City and Paris, France.

Each of hiTechMODA’s productions feature key photoshoots that allow models to expand their portfolios. Professional photographers capture models’ best angles and create jaw dropping images that each model can be proud of. Models will have the chance to participate in numerous photoshoot opportunities throughout hiTechMODA’s various shows this year. This will allow them to build a portfolio and show the level of their modeling career. hiTechMODA models this year will have the opportunity build on their runway modeling skills, editorial modeling, as well as swim modeling. You can be sure that a model will be adaptable in their modeling career.

hiTechMODA’s next upcoming show will take place at the Merino Mill, in Charlotte, North Carolina on June 3rd and 4th. This will be the first time that the New York Runway will be brought to Charlotte. hiTechMODA Charlotte plans to expand the range of our production. hiTechMODA will offer Master Classes taught by top models and industry professionals. Some classes include makeup, backstage etiquette, industry posing, and runway walk. . The industry leaders will share their knowledge with models. hiTechMODA is committed to creating a learning environment for their models and is excited to bring the Master Class to Charlotte. This will allow them to improve their skills and create new opportunities. In addition, the Super MODA Model Competition will continue. Models will compete for a spot in NYFW September 11, 2022. This will give them more exposure and boost their careers.

Following Charlotte, hiTechMODA will be heading back to Orlando for hiTechMODA Orlando, Swim Week & Latino. hiTechMODA Latino will be a new addition that will showcase the designs of various Latino designers. The team is very excited to host at the amazing Hilton Palace, an Official Walt Disney World® Hotel. “There is no better place than in the Sunshine State, to hold our swim week runway where we “Walk on Water “, says co-producer Omayra La Bella. The hiTechMODA Orlando & Latino world-class runway shows will take place in the fully renovated ballroom of the Palace. Orlando Swim Week will take place outdoors, with a fully-equipped runway above the pool. It will be an exciting addition to the Orlando production. Master Class will be held in Orlando. This will allow models to further develop their modeling careers. Winners in each division of the Super MODA Model Competition can be invited to NYFW September 2022 to compete, where they could win the ultimate prize.

hiTechMODA NYFW Series 8 will take place at The Edison Ballroom in New York City, September 9th-11th. The team will be expanding production to include a runway inside the Ballroom and a runway on the rooftop. This will take NYFW to higher levels – literally. Master Class will not take place at this production. Instead, hiTechMODA will be focusing on editorial photoshoots as well as the Super MODA Model Competition. Previous winners will compete for the ultimate prize of a chance to walk in Paris Fashion Week. Models will also be featured on our MODA model billboard in Times Square. hiTechMODA is looking forward to seeing their models on the Times Square screens.

hiTechMODA Paris’s production program will run from September 30th through October 2nd at The Normandy Hotel. hiTechMODA Paris is excited to be hosting a production during Paris Fashion Week. This gives models the chance to gain exposure and experience that will help them in their careers. “We are ecstatic to be able to bring our designers and models to Paris and create international exposure.” says producer and CEO PS Privette. This will be Europe’s first hiTechMODA exhibition, opening up many doors.

hiTechMODA is currently seeking models and designers to work in Paris, New York, Charlotte, Orlando, New York, and New York.


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