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Speaker 1: Apple may be killing off the last Intel Mac mini soon. Let’s get into it.

Speaker 1: A new report from Bloomberg’s mark Garman says that apple is planning to release a high end Mac mini in the next several months, this new Mac mini would feature a new system on a chip made by apple. Currently, there is a Mac mini with Apple’s own M one chip that’s the same chip that’s in the iMac. And in the iPad. Pro Garman said that apple [00:00:30] kept the Intel version of the Mac mini around for use as a software development machine and a video editing machine. This new Mac mini would serve that same function with a new M one X chip. The report also says that the familiar Mac mini would have an updated design. I would not expect anything too wild. Take a look at the original Mac mini. It essentially looks like an icon. You’d see, on an iPhone screen, then there was the Intel one looks quite similar, right?

Speaker 1: The Mac [00:01:00] mini would get a real redesign. 2010. This model was shorter but wider. It also still had a disc drive. The back was still full of ports by the way, four U S B a ports and SD card reader. Mike in headphone Jack mini display, port H DMI fire wire 800 and ethernet in 2011, we got the Mac mini without a disc drive. Check out the back two lots and lots of ports. The new M one Mac minis look the same from the outside, but on the back, it’s a whole other story. [00:01:30] Two U S B a ports, one ATMI ports, a headphone Jack ethernet, and two thunderbolts slash USB four ports. It’s a good start, but it could use more connectivity. The Intel model is similar, but with four Thunderball, three ports on the external looks of the Mac mini. I’m not sure if apple will do away with that familiar sparkle design, maybe the Mac mini could borrow some design cues from the new IMAX, perhaps even dabble in colors.

Speaker 1: It is possible that the new higher end Mac mini could be physically smaller. [00:02:00] Since Apple’s chips are designed to have high performance and low power consumption. The Goman report says that the new M one X Mac mini will have more ports than the current model. An older report from Goman said that there would be four ports instead of two, one would think he was talking about the Thunderbolt ports and not the us B a ports. So that would be very welcome to those people who don’t want to at doc to get more ports on their Mac. Let’s talk about the timing. This new Mac mini would be out in [00:02:30] the next several months. Back in 2020, apple announced that it would be transitioning away from Intel. The timeline to completion would be around two years. The timeline of the new Mac mini fits well within this timeline, there was also a report in April by NEK Asia that said that Apple’s next chip had entered mass production. That report had the chip named as the M two, whatever the next chip is called. It makes sense that it would power a new higher end Mac mini. It also makes sense that the Mac mini [00:03:00] would be the first to phase out Intel chips as it was the first apple desktop to get the M one chip. There’s some other Mac news, by the way, expect that new chip from the Mac mini to be in the new MacBook pros. Those machines could be out in the third quarter of this year.

Speaker 1: I, I wanna know if you’ve made the jump to M one max, do you like it? Do you not like it? Let me know in the comments I’m Mya, Zach Turner. I’ll see you online all.

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