Glitches Distort Art Historical Figures in Abstracted Marble Sculptures by Léo Caillard

All images © Léo Caillard, shared with permission

The oscillating curves that make up a sine waveDisfiguring characteristics can result. Léo Caillard’s ongoing Wave Stone series. Carved in white Carrara marble and stone with green and gray ripples, the French artist’s sleek renditions of Aphrodite, Laocoön, and Venus appear to have warped, glitched, or transformed into a tight spiral. Much of Caillard’s work is anachronistic, and he tells Colossal that “the face of the statue connects the piece to its reality, a representation of a classical and iconic figure from the past,” while the abstractions create new gaps of negative space.

Caillard has several exhibitions planned for the next months. You can follow his news and see new works as well as information about them on his website. Instagram.





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