Get To Know Avori Henderson: Pageant Queen Turned Professional Gamer and Streamer

Get to Know Avori Henderson: Pageant Queen turned professional gamer and streamer

Avori Henderson was a young professional model who went on to win three Miss America titles.

Avori’s modelling career continued, and she started exploring her other passion, video gaming. She began creating engaging gaming-focused content and unique lifestyle content. She began creating original works and started live streaming her gameplay. Facebook GamingTo her ever-growing fan base of over 500,000 followers.

Avori Henderson

In 2019, the first ever all-Female gaming competition was held by this female gaming trailblazer. PUBG tournament. The event was streamed live to over 150,000 viewers. More than $10,000 was raised to benefit various charities, including the Children’s Miracle Network. Avori prides herself on encouraging, supporting, and empowering women to embrace their love for gaming as well as focusing on fighting the stereotypes and toxicity towards women in the today’s gaming space.

Avori Henderson signed with us in the first quarter of last year. Ford Model’s Esports and Gaming talent division as this former pageant participant turned professional gamer and content creator eventually was signed a professional streamer and content creator by professional esports organization, XSET. She continued to pursue her lifelong passion for fashion and created her own clothing line, which combines fashion and gaming aesthetics. Avori works with many fashion, lifestyle and beauty companies to create custom-branded content.

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Q:What do you love about fashion?

I love how a look or outfit can make a big difference in my perception of myself. It is possible to boost confidence through fashion and it is amazing to see people transform. I love seeing people happy. The other side of fashion is the designer side and modeling side which I could totally geek out about, but it’s really important because the creativity that is used to bring modern styles to the market is really inspiring! It is so enjoyable.

Q:What are your top fashion designers?

I fell in love with a designer named “Bobby” when I was super young. Tarik EdizBecause I loved dresses. I made my homecoming dress in 10th grade. His modern designs inspired me. Now, being that I don’t wear gowns anymore, I’d say my favorite line right now has to be Mainere de Voir. They sort of appeared out of thin air over the past few years, but they actually share their designs for releases and designs. As a person who also sketches and lives that process it’s really fun to be a part of! They are also amazing in their clothes! They are truly amazing clothes, and they aren’t sponsored.

Q:What is the relationship between fashion and gaming?

Gaming and fashion are an easy combination. There is the esports aspect of gaming, which requires jerseys and sportswear. You also have the entertainment and gaming side, where huge online creators are constantly on camera. A part of a gamer’s personality and channel is how they dress, how they act, and how they treat people, so I could easily see a crossover with fashion there. I like to wear long sleeve tops with unique designs at the shoulders and top and ladies ask me where I get my clothes all the time and I love that, as it’s a great way to relate to my viewers and start a conversation.


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