Fun Charade Ideas List For Kids

Funny Kids Charades Ideas Game 

This kids charades game is one of my family’s all-time favorite games! We love that you don’t need any extra equipment to get a game going – making it an EASY choice for any kid event or family night.

Plus, it’s free, great for all ages, and you can play it many times using different sets of words.

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What are Charades?

Charades is a group game that involves acting out words and phrases, and then having the other players guess what it is.

Charades for Kids Rules

For more information on how to play charades, click here

First, write down your kids’ charade ideas and then put them in an envelope.

Now you can play alone or in a team.

  • If you play in pairs, everyone can simply shout the answers.
  • If you have teams, select the team with youngest member to start. If more than one kid is the same age, try to settle it with a coin flip or rockpaper scissors.

Take turns playing in teams. One player draws a picture from the basket and gestures for their teammates to guess the word/phrase. Each team receives a point for correctly guessing the word or phrase. The next team gets a turn.

The game continues until the time runs out. The team with the most points wins. You can also determine how many points are needed to win the game.

Although playing alone is easier, it is much more fun to play in a team. This is great for kids’ development!

Become More Competitive

kids charades rules for the game

How competitive you want to get depends on your group, but if you’d like to add a little “friendly fire” to the mix, be sure to set a time limit (determine it beforehand) and keep score on pencil and paper.

Here are some great tips for Charades with Kids

Playing with children can be very different from playing with adults. Here are some things to remember.

Adjust for Age & Reading Ability

To make it easier for young ones, you can also…

  • Describe the group’s first category (object, animal or activity).
  • Describe what “gestures” and “miming” means
  • Play in teams, instead of individually
  • Extra clues: Hold your fingers up to indicate how many words it contains

Charades for Kids Game List

These ideas can be used in your entire game or just as a springboard to your imagination!

List of charade ideas for kids game

Simple Activity Charades Ideas Kids Love

This category is ideal for preschool children or a group with a broad age range.

1. Brushing your teeth

2. Brushing your hair

3. Waking up

4. Singing

5. Cooking

6. Watering flowers/plants

7. Fishing

8. Making the dishes

9. Drinking

10. Food

11. Washing dishes

12. Tieing shoes

13. Take a bath

14. Drawing

15. Painting

16. Walking a dog

17. Sleeping

18. Driving a car

19. Making a bed

20. Reading

21. Vacuuming

22. Reading a book

Food Charade Ideas for Children

Next, food can be both hilarious and fun!

1. French fries

2. Ice cream

3. Apple

4. Pizza

5. Lollipop

6. Peas

7. Broccolli

8. Hot dog

9. Banana

10. Cereal

11. Donut

12. Goldfish

13. Orange

14. Spaghetti

15. Sandwich

16. Taco

17. Salsa and chips

18. Birthday cake

19. Gum

20. Carrots

Ideas for Funny Charades with Kids

These charades are funny and will make everyone laugh.

funny charades for kids ideas

1. Blowing a Kiss

2. Hula hooping

3. A Creeper in Minecraft

4. You can convince someone

5. Doing “the Worm”

6. Slipping on a banana

7. Sitting on Santa’s lap

8. The Easter Bunny

9. The Tooth Fairy

10. Hoverboard riding

11. Doing a pogostick

12. Robots

13. Pinata

14. Being a clown

15. Doing karaoke

16. Trick or Treating

Animal Charades For Kids

These kid charades will be a big hit. Just remember that you can’t do sounds! (Unless that’s a cheat you decide on together for young kids)

1. Chicken

2. Goat

3. Horse

4. Pig

5. Dog

6. Cat

7. Turtle

8. Frog

9. Monkey

10. Kangaroo

11. Elephant

12. Cow

13. Dinosaur (T-Rex)

14. Bird

15. Snake

16. Alligator

17. Giraffe

18. Elephant

19. Lion

20. Penguin

21. Sloth

22. Ant

23. Spider

24. Wolf

25. Gorilla

26. A Donkey

Emotions Charades

Children learn social awareness from their feelings.

emotions and feelings picture

1. Happy

2. Sad

3. Excited

4. Surprised

5. Angry

6. Scared

7. Embarrassed

8. Frustrated

9. Bored

10. Tired

Object Charades For Kids Game

These charade activities are great for teens and older elementary students.

1. Ipad/tablet

2. Pillow

3. Scissors

4. Shoes

5. Backpack

6. The key

7. A book

8. A pencil

9. Lunchbox

10. A chair

11. Phone

12. Camera

13. Car

14. Lawnmower

15. Bed

16. Remote control

17. Clock

18. Swing

19. Park bench

20. Toothbrush

21. Table

22. Homework

Places Ideas List For Gestures

Where are all the great places to go?

1. Library

2. Restaurant

3. School

4. Church

5. Zoo

6. Amusement park

7. Museum

8. Movie theater

9. Arcade

10. Pool

11. Aquarium

12. Station for trains

13. Airport

14. Garden

15. Sports stadium

16. Mall

17. Beach

18. Farm

19. Doctor’s office

20. Dentist’s office

Disney Charades (& Other Kids Movies & Shows Too)

Next, it is possible that these popular movies or shows are difficult to find. Not. It depends on which group it is!

Disney charades ideas for family list

1. Lion King

2. Frozen

3. Moana

4. Paw Patrol

5. Encanto

6. Home

7. Curious George

8. Wild Kratts

9. Spongebob Square Pants

10. Captain Underpants

11. Cat in the Hat

12. Daniel Tiger

13. My Little Pony

14. PJ Masks

15. Cinderella

16. Sing

17. Beauty and the Beast

18. Zootopia

19. Raya and The Last Dragon

20. Mulan

21. Winnie the Pooh

22. Toy Story

23. The Incredibles

24. Finding Nemo

25. Mickey Mouse

26. Aladdin

27. Princess and Frog

28. Wall-E

Sports charade Ideas for Kids

Sports are already physically demanding, so they make for great kids games.

1. Playing

2. Basketball

3. Soccer/football

4. American football

5. Gymnastics

6. Golf

7. Ultimate frisbee

8. Playing volleyball

9. Swimming

10. Ice skating

11. Cheerleading

12. Rollerblading

13. Diving (off a divingboard)

14. Tennis

15. Riding a bicycle

16. Skateboarding

17. Jumping rope

18. Skiing

19. Running over hurdles

20. Hiking

Music Instruments: Good Kids Charades

This kids charades list will test your knowledge of various instruments.

1. Guitar

2. Violin

3. Cello

4. Flute

5. Drums

6. Piano

7. Saxophone

8. Tuba

9. Recorder/clarinet

10. Trumpet

Family Hard Charade Ideas

These charades may seem a little random, but they were chosen because they will challenge your thinking.

easy and hard charades list for kids game

1. Popcorn popping

2. Valentine’s Day Gifts

3. Discovering the North Pole

4. Whisking eggs

5. Apply rash cream

6. Being pricked by the spindle

7. Popping a poppit, the fidget toy

8. Spray painting

9. Petting a tiger

10. Daydreaming

11. Finding Easter eggs

12. Seeing a ghost

13. Seeing your crush

Charade Ideas for Teens

These charades are great for teenagers and older children. They are more complex and contain more outside cultural ideas.

Teenagers Books Charades List

These popular books are well-known, making them great choices for teen charades.

books teens love

1. The Hobbit (or the Lord of the Rings).

2. Harry Potter

3. The Hunger Games

4. The Fault in our Stars

5. To Kill A Mockingbird

6. Ender’s Game

7. The Book Thief

8. Time is a Wrinkle

9. Holes

10. The Giver (series).

11. Diary of a Wimpy Child

12. The Lion, The Witch, & The Wardrobe

13. The One & Only Ivan (One of the best 10 year old books)

14. Percy Jackson

15. The Perks Of Being a Wallflower

Movie Charade Ideas for Teens

Many of these movies are actually part of a series, so you have many options.

1. Avengers (in general, or pick a movie)

2. Star Wars (in all or select a movie)

3. Spiderman

4. Jumanji

5. Hamilton

6. Jurassic Park

7. Batman

8. X-Men

9. Wonder Woman

10. Titanic

For teenagers, harder action phrases

These activities for teens will stimulate their imaginations and get them thinking.

1. Applying makeup

2. Opening a can

3. Doing laundry

4. Making a bed

5. Grocery shopping

6. Ringing a bell

7. Put on pajamas

8. Take-out lunch

9. Change a diaper

10. Cooking pancakes

11. Lighting candles

12. Sharpening a Pencil

13. Watching tv

14. Suntanning

15. Wood cutting

16. Shaving

17. Digging a hole

18. Climbing trees

19. Getting into a fight

20. Gifts

21. Attaining a goal

22. Riding in a plane

Older Kids Sports & Leisure

These kids charades go a lot further and challenge you to think outside of the box.

1. Tap dancing

2. Playing lacrosse

3. Croquet

4. Water skiiing

5. Bowling

6. Gaming

7. Salsa dancing

8. Playing pool

9. Cycling

10. Surfing

11. Bobsledding

12. Snowboarding

13. Badmitton

14. Playing ping-pong

15. Juggling

16. Ice hockey

17. Boxing

18. Rowing

19. Wrestling

20. Archery

Occupations Charades List For Kids & Teens

Charade ideas for teens

1. Chef

2. Policeman

3. Fireman

4. Scientist

5. Trash collector

6. Teacher

7. Artist

8. Doctor (or a surgeon to make it more difficult)

9. Athlete

10. Writer

11. Journalist

12. Movie director

13. Actor

14. Geologist

15. Plumber

16. Hairstylist

17. Lifeguard

18. President

19. Waiter/waitress

20. Computer coder

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