Full Moon In Virgo – The Voice Of Reason

We have adated March 18, 2022.Full Moon in Virgo Full Moons are found in signs that are opposite the Sun. We are now at the Pisces season. There is a record number Pisces planets: Jupiter, Mercury and Jupiter.

What happens if we get too much Pisces energy in our bodies? It’s easy to get lost in Pisces’ fertile field of endless possibilities

To balance it all, every Pisces month has a Full Moon in the opposite sign to Virgo.

Virgo is the part of us that is down-to-earth and remembers to set the alarm each night and ensures we have enough food in our fridge. 

The Full Moon in Virgo reminds us of the practical realities that our daily lives. We must be able to realize our crazy Piscean dreams. Also need Virgo’s practicality and attention to detail. 

Mercury is the rulerVirgo is the voice for reason.

The question Virgo asks is “Does it make sense?”. If it makes sense, great. If it doesn’t, Virgo is the last sign of the zodiac that will try to spare our feelings.

The Full Moon in Virgo Be honest with yourself and accept things as they are. Although the message may sound harsh and insensitive, it is actually well-intentioned. Virgo truly cares – she is the sign of service after all. 

Virgo is a symbol for the harvest – all Full Moons in Virgo have a “Time to reap what you have sow” energy. We are just before the equinox when the Moon is Full in Virgo.

Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac, and the Sun is there. A complete Solar cycle is over.

The Full Moon in Virgo is our yearly opportunity to take an honest look at how far we’ve come, see what has worked and what hasn’t, and to come up with a plan for the new solar cycle. 

Full Moon In Virgo – The Aspects

The Full Moon of March 18th 2022 is at 27° VirgoIs it? Pisces opposite Neptune, trine Pluto in Capricorn,Taurus: The trine North Node

Neptune, Pluto, and the North Node are collective energies beyond our control.

Astrology uses the Sun to represent the world leaders and the Moon to represent the people. The Full Moon in Virgo focuses upon how we, as people, respond to global events. And there’s no better way to respond to the Piscean chaos than with Virgo’s reason and common sense. 

Pisces: NeptuneAsks us to restructure the way we relate with the world around us. We’re all in this together. 

Pluto in CapricornWe are invited to be our own authority. For this, we have to metaphorically slay the dragon or the umbilical cord that keeps us stuck in a dependency we’ve long outgrown. Corruption needs to be witnessed – in our power-hungry leaders, and also within ourselves. 

The North Node of TaurusWe should be able to take care of ourselves. Even if this means we need to reform the Scorpio section of our lives. Scorpio is our shared resources. That’s energy resources (the high price of gas is one of the ‘side effects’ of the South Node in Scorpio transit), material resources, emotional and psychological resources.

If a relationship has become one-sided, or one party takes advantage of the other, it’s time to reclaim our North Node in Taurus autonomy.

We can no longer wait for the ‘other’ to fix our problems. We can no longer stay in a relationship or a contract that has become a burden and doesn’t serve our interests. 

These are thankfully available Harmoniously, collective energies align with the Full Moon. The long-awaited Full Moon in Virgo could be our wake-up call.

The world is experiencing a lot of turmoil right now. The Full Moon in Virgo provides an opportunity to take advantage of this opportunity. Draw the line,  take an honest look at what’s no longer workingC.You can come up with a realistic Virgoan solution.

Once we listen to Virgo’s voice of reason, the upcoming Aries season is our opportunity to start again – stronger, wiser, and more committed than ever.

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