DHL 757 suffers runway excursion in San Jose, breaks in two

A DHL Aero Expreso 757After exiting the runway area, the aircraft broke in half while making an emergency return from San Jose, Costa Rica. The aircraft landed on runway Runway 7, and rolled 2,000 m down the runway before turning right to exit the runway. After spinning 180 degrees, it came to rest on a service roads embankment. The impact with an embankment caused the 757’s to split in two. The crew members were not seriously hurt.

Air traffic control audio indicates the pilots chose to return to San Jose due to an issue with one of the aircraft’s hydraulic systems. The flight took off from San Jose at 15 minutes and 36 UTC. Shortly after takeoff, the pilots declared Mayday and entered a hold to complete the relevant checklists. At 16:24 UTC, the aircraft touched down 48 minutes following takeoff.

Video of the landing & runway excursion

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