Fresh off implementing drag-on-desktop-to-rotate — a workflow behaviour I lived and breathed in the early 2010s — the latest update adds another Compiz-inspired feature: “skyboxes”. These background panoramas replace GNOME 40’s image behind the workspace switcher. They also move in motion with it.

The result is an immersive, 360°-esque stage to spin your workspace in:

spiny spin spin spin

Sites such as Just find a panorama that looks good, download the tone-mapped JPEG version to use with Desktop Cube, then pop open the extension’s settings (via the Extensions PrefsAdd the tool (or similar) to your list.

Desktop Cube 9 also offers the option to drag windows from the workspace switcher to adjacent workspaces. This is an optional feature. Simply drag an app window to the edge and the next workspace will spin around if you don’t exert enough pressure.

No matter if you use Desktop Cube from a well-nurtured sense of nostalgia, the addition panorama backgrounds in this extension allows us to add a little personality to the GNOME desktop.