Create Your Own Custom Landscapes in Photoshop

Learn how to create your custom backgrounds in Photoshop! Learn how to combine multiple landscape photos, mask with channel data, and create a strong gradient effect.


Preview of the Final Results


Step 1

Click on the image “Landscape 1”.


Step 2

Open the image “Lanscape 2” and place it over the “Landscape 1” as you see below.


Step 3

Place your mouse over the “Landscape 2”, image, and then click the button I show below to add a Clipping Mask.


Step 4

We now need to remove the unwelcome parts of the ‘Landscape 2’ image by painting black on the clipping mask.

I used a large soft brush at 100%. I adjusted the Opacity to 20% for better blending when I was closer the the image below. We want to make it look like there is only one image.


Step 5

We now need to fix the field’s lighting. (Output 110, Input 141).


Step 6

Open the image titled “Mountains” and place it above all.


Step 7

Now we need to merge this image with all the others. You must activate only the first layer (as shown in the image below).


Step 8

Choose one of the “Channels” channels. Compare which channel has the most contrast between the sky and the ground. In this instance, it is the blue channel. (Your work will now appear in black and blue, but it’s okay!).


Step 9

Right-click on the Blue channel to choose ‘Duplicate Channel. A pop-up window will open. Click ‘Yes’ to make the Blue channel duplicated. Only activate this channel.


Step 10

Let’s make it more contrast. Go to Image > Adjustments > Levels. Move the little arrows that you see below to increase contrast. Your images will look more contrasted.


Step 11

As you can see, there are parts that cannot be covered with black. You can paint them over with black color!


Step 12

Keep pressing the button CTRL (CMD on mac) and then click the Duplicated Blue channel. You will see the top portion of your image.


Step 13

Duplicated Blue channel should be deleted and the other channels should be activated. Return to Layers. You can see the colors are back below!


Step 14

Go to Select > Inverse. The selection will then be reversed.


Step 15

Just add a Clipping mask the the ‘Landscape 1’ image and… Voilà! The sky is now gone!


Step 16

Reactivate all layers. Place the ‘Mountain’ at bottom, below everything.


Step 17

We will only add a Hue/Saturation Adjustment layer to the ‘Landscape 1″ Image to achieve better blending.

We will lower the Lightness to +44


Step 18

We don’t want this adjustment to affect the entire image.

To cover the bottom of the image, add a clipping mask.


Step 19

We need to highlight the centre of the image.

Create a new layer over everything with a soft paint brush and color white paint.


Step 20

Gaussian Blur: 100px


Step 21

Set the Layer To Overlay with Fill 35%


Step 22

It’s time to make some adjustments!

Gradient Map: Violet – Orange

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