Create This Magnificent Sniper Artwork in Photoshop

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to create a professional and beautiful poster. I will tell you the basic idea of creating a poster, interesting techniques and teach you by my example. I’ll tell you about a few filters of the new version of Photoshop and their capabilities, and show how to create a realistic picture, a beautiful toning to the image and much more.

What you’ll be creating?

In this tutorial we will examine the possibility of creating a realistic picture, atmospheric effects, work with adjustment layers, create brushes and most importantly try it all in action. First, I will create a background. Of several images I make realistic city and add clouds and color correction. Then I added the model and adjust image with the filter “Camera Raw”. Then will create the effect of rain on clothes. The next will be to create an atmosphere and detail to the image. The final step will be to increase the sharpness and color correction. It is desirable to have a Adobe Photoshop CC but you can completely create this picture in any CS version.


Step 1

So, before beginning this tutorial I want to do a little introduction. The poster is an art. As in every case, there are certain traditions and rules. Many people do not notice it, but the effect is always there. There are 8 basic items that should be in the poster: 1. Weapons. 2. Clouds/Smoke 3. Buildings. 4. Fragments/Debris/Sparks. 5. Atmospheric phenomena (like rain). 6. Ambient/Edge Light. 7. Fire/Explosion. 8. Main Character/Object. Each poster must be at least 5 items to achieve the desired effect. All of these elements in are alternately occur in any poster, regardless of genre or idea. I chose the following sequence: Weapons > Clouds/Smoke > Buildings > Main Character > Edge Light > Rain.

And now opening Photoshop and get started! Create a new document via Cmd/Ctrl + N or File > New at 2400 pixels wide and 3000 pixels height, resolution 300 Pixels/Inch.


Step 2

Go to File > Place…/Place Embedded and open skyscraper image. Transform it (Ctrl/Cmd+ T or Edit > Free Transform) to size of working field and tap Enter/Return to apply changes.


Step 3

Now I have changed a bit the image to better fit my idea. Not to create a large number of adjustment layers, I used only one filter – Camera Raw. This is a very powerful and useful tool that can be used to correct not only RAW files. Go to Filter > Camera Raw. Perhaps your window of this filter will be slightly different, but the setting will remain the same. Let’s start with color. First you need change image contrast and balance black and white colors. Set Exposure: -0.20, Contrast: +6, Highlights: +4, Shadow: +20, Whites: -3, Blacks: +3, Clarity: +40, Vibrance: +15, Saturation: +5.


Then I increased the sharpness of the image. Click on the tab “Sharpness” in this window and set the following settings first for “Noise Reduction” – Luminance: 10, Luminance Detail: 50. Now add a little sharpness. Set for “Sharpening” – Amount: 15, Radius: 1.5, Detail: 25. Apply changes by clicking OK. So much easier and more convenient to prepare and adjust the image without extra layers.


Step 4

To create a depth image I dimmed the city. This will help make the picture more realistic. Create a new layer by clicking on a “Create a new layer” icon on Layer Panel or use Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + N. Select the Brush tool (B) then set the Soft Round brush with Size to 500 pixels, Hardness to 0%, Opacity to 100%, color: # 4e7fa5. Paint over middle of the city. Do not draw too high, because the fog should not go to the sky. Set layer Blending Mode to “Screen” and reduce Opacity to 90%, Fill to 50%.

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