Best Garmin Deals: Save On Smartwatches, GPS, Outdoor Sports Gear and More

As the days get longer many of us are getting back to our favorite outdoor sports. If you’re trying to get active, the right piece of fitness tech can be a big help in meeting those goals, and it might not cost you as much as you think. From smartwatches to GPS displays, Garmin makes tons of great tech and equipment to help you take your workouts to the next level. And with some equipment built especially for people who golf, fish, hike or partake in other outdoor activities, now is a great time to invest in tech to bring your hobbies into the 21st century. 

These innovations can make life easier, and with just a little digging, you can even find many of these items on sale. While Garmin occasionally has direct deals on its own products, some of the best offers out there are from third-party retailers. Below, we’ve gathered some of the best deals you can shop right now on a variety of Garmin equipment, including fitness trackers, GPS bike computers and much more.

We’ll continue to update this story as prices change and deals emerge or expire, so be sure to check back for the best prices.

Smartwatch Deals


The Fenix 6 Pro multisport GPS smartwatch features an always-on 1.3-inch display that’s 18% larger than previous Fenix models. The bezel is stainless steel and it has been tested to US military standards for thermal, shock and water-resistance. It tracks even more rugged challenges, delivers text messages and alerts to your wrist, and you can use it to pay on-the-go. With a battery life that can last up to 14 days between charges in smartwatch mode, you’ll be able to keep going no matter what comes your way. 

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The Venu is packed full of helpful health metrics like heart rate, blood-oxygen saturation, breathing, sleep cycle and more. You can even log your hydration for a more accurate read on your body’s energy levels throughout the day. It typically sells for $350, but right now at Garmin, you can build your own custom model starting at just $200.


This watch features eight days of battery life on a single charge and boasts many of the features of the Veru series, though it does lack some of the heart-monitoring tech available on the other models.


The Forerunner series has a lot of different features depending on which model you select, but if you’re a runner, these are optimal for training. There are more models available below, but we wanted to highlight the Forerunner 945, the premium GPS running and triathlon smartwatch with music, as it’s exceptionally durable and offers the most features.


If you don’t want to drop nearly $500 on the Forerunner 945, its step-down cousin the Forerunner 935 is still an excellent choice. It’s not quite as scratch-resistant, and has a less powerful GPS, but it shares many of the same features and trackers, including heart-rate, oxygen levels and advanced biomechanical measurements like cadence, stride length and vertical oscillation.

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The Approach S12 is a GPS gold watch that is designed with the course in mind. Featuring a sunlight-readable display, up to 30 hours of battery life and scorecard access on your wrist and compatibility with the Garmin Golf app, you’ll have everything you need to get your game on. Plus, this watch is preloaded with 42,000 golf courses so you can know the distance to the front, middle and back of the green for every hole. 

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Equipment for Sports


This combination GPS and fish-finder helps you navigate the waters, and even mark important locations like hot spots, docks and loading ramps. It uses a CHIRP (77/200kHz) sonar transducer to send a continuous sweep of frequencies to provide clear sonar imaging with greater target separation. 


The Approach Z82 is a laser range finder with GPS with more than 41,000 preloaded golf courses that will provide you with an accurate reading on the location of the flag within 10 inches. It also allows you to see the distance to the front, middle and back of the green, and it determines the wind direction and speed so that you can take the perfect shot. 

If this is out of your price range, check out the Approach G12, a smaller golf range finder that you can clip on your belt, on sale for just $120.


This mapping GPS allows you to see your stats, track your performance and strive to beat your best time. The 66mm display is easy to read and it gives plenty of insight into how your body responds to training. If you have an e-bike, there are features that show the status if it’s compatible. And you can track pretty long rides, getting up to 20 hours of riding per charge. 

GPS for driving Deals


This 5-inch Garmin Drive 52 GPS navigator with traffic and map updates is everything you need to drive safer and get to your destination with ease. The bright display is easy to see and driver alerts will warn you of any sharp curves or speed changes ahead. With preloaded Foursquare data, you can search restaurants and businesses by name, and you can view Tripadvisor ratings and reviews to help you find the perfect spot to stop.


This premium navigator comes with Amazon Alexa to make playing your music, checking your calendar, creating tasks and setting routes easier than ever. It features a 6.95-inch screen and features detailed maps of North America. Alexa can even control your Alexa-enabled smart devices like lights and locks from the car so you can park and unload faster without ever being in the dark. 


If you’re heading out on the road with your RV, camper or hauling a trailer, you might want to consider this RV 780 and traffic GPS navigator. In addition to helping you find the fastest route, it also accounts for your vehicle’s size and weight, and gives warnings to help you avoid steep grades, sharp curves, weight limits and more. The 6.95-inch model is currently on sale for $300.

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