Best Free and Open-Source JavaScript Photo Galleries

Images are an important aspect of website design. They break up the monotony and provide visual information to our visitors. Images can play a secondary role on many websites but they are the primary content on others. This is true for websites that deal with photography or event bookings, for instance.

You want visitors to be able easily browse through your photo gallery when you are showcasing products or work. You have many options for adding JavaScript photo galleries to your website.


Although numbers might vary from site to website, smartphones drive more internet traffic than desktops. You should pay more attention to mobile visitors to your website.

Swiper Photo GallerySwiper Photo GallerySwiper Photo Gallery

The SwiperPhoto gallery plugin is a great choice if you want to create a photo album exclusively for mobile devices. It is lightweight and modern, and optimized to support touch gestures. It can be used on mobile websites, as well as native and hybrid mobile apps.

It doesn’t rely on external libraries like jQuery but it can be used alongside them if required. It has a rich API for navigation, pagination, parallax effects, and pagination. You can also use RTL layouts and multi-row slides.

You can see the quality of this plugin by the fact that it is the default slider on hybrid app frameworks like Framework7 or Ionic. The dedicated demos pageThe website does a great job of showing all the capabilities of Swiper.


The PhotoSwipe gallery plugin is a modular and framework-independent image gallery plugin for mobile and desktop. The plugin can be broken down into smaller modules that can be loaded separately to include only the features you need and reduce file size.

Photo Swipe GalleryPhoto Swipe GalleryPhoto Swipe Gallery

The plugin’s primary focus is browser compatibility. It works well on many devices and platforms. This includes older browsers, such as IE8 or higher, as also browsers on Android and iOS, and other operating system.

The photo gallery supports all the basic touch gestures, such as pinching or swiping. Vertical swiping can be used to close a gallery, and horizontal swiping for navigation between images. You can also create your own custom behavior to single and double tap on images.

The gallery plugin offers many optimizations to ensure a great user experience and save resources whenever possible.


The lightGalleryplugin is a lightweight JavaScript-based photo/video lightbox gallery plugin. It does not have any dependencies from third parties to increase its file size.

The gallery is responsive and optimized for touch devices. It also supports gesture support such as pinching to zoom in and swipe for navigation. You can provide deep linking to the photo gallery through the integration with the browser’s history API. Other elements, such as videos from YouTube or Vimeo, can be included in your gallery along with iframes.

It also supports full-screen viewing with hardware-accelerated CSS3 transformations. The gallery can be integrated with social media sharing. There are many ways to integrate social media sharing into the gallery. working demosYou can find all the features on the website.

Gallery (blueimp).

The blueimp GalleryThis all-in-one solution allows you to create a responsive and touch-enabled image gallery. It also includes a lightbox and a carousel. You can use it to create a video gallery, in addition to your regular image galleries.

There are many options that you can use to customize the gallery’s appearance and behavior. You can add your classes to different elements to give them a unique styling. Callbacks are available for various events, such opening and closing the carousel. You can also create your own code based upon events such as slide load or slide change.

You can read the detailed documentationLearn how to make the most of the gallery plugin’s features.


The Galleria photo galleryLibrary is one of our most feature-rich photo galleries. It not only has all the features you expect from an image gallery, such as responsiveness and broad browser support but also offers additional features, such as multiple themes that allow you to create a different layout depending on your needs.

There are six themes in the plugin at the moment, which are listed on the themes page. Each of them has its own JavaScript or CSS file that you need. This allows you to keep the core library small. You might not like the fact that the library requires jQuery. It won’t be an issue if you already use jQuery on your site.

The extensive documentation details everything you can do using the library. It covers all aspects related to the themes as well as integration with WordPress. Galleria can also be extended to provide your own functionality. You have full control over the behavior and initialization options of Galleria.

React Image Gallery

The React Image Galleryplugin is a photo gallery plugin that uses the React framework. It supports all the essential features, including mobile swipe gestures, thumbnail navigation and fullscreen support. It can also handle RTL layouts.

React Image GalleryReact Image GalleryReact Image Gallery

You can adjust the behavior of the slider by using a number of functions. You can also jump to a specific slide and get an index of the current slide. There are many options. PropsYou can customize the gallery to your liking.

Visit the demo pageSee how the plugin handles changes to browser width and property values such as hiding thumbnails or navigation.


The V-Viewer pluginIt is an image viewer for the Vue Framework. It is based on the JavaScript photo library called viewer.js.

Apart from the usual functions to move forward and backward in the gallery, the component also offers additional features such as rotating and scaling images once they are loaded. The viewer instance is capable of handling both static and dynamic galleries. This allows you create a carousel that allows you to add or remove images based upon other events.

There are two options for rendering the component. One is a modal and one is an inline mode. The modal mode offers additional features like full keyboard-based navigation, and the ability to open an image gallery by clicking a button. If you don’t want to render images on the main page, you can use modal mode.

The demo pageThese options are displayed on the component website. You can activate them or deactivate by clicking on the checkboxes.

React Photo Gallery

The React Photo GalleryYou can add a responsive, customizable, and accessible gallery to your React projects using this component. It will arrange all images in your gallery in a nice, masonry-like grid. The grid items and images can be laid out in either rows or columns.

React Photo Gallery and other photo gallery plugins are different in that it doesn’t have built-in lightbox integration. Also, it doesn’t offer a way to navigate through images with a carousel. You can however use other free components such as React ImagesTo integrate this functionality.

React Photo Gallery componentReact Photo Gallery componentReact Photo Gallery component

To see how the gallery reacts to third-party components, you can play with the example above. There are other examplesOther features can be found on the website.

Final Thoughts

We have reviewed the most popular JavaScript photo gallery plugins and libraries that you can use in your projects immediately. Some of them, such Swiper and Galleria, are specifically designed for mobile devices. Others, like Galleria are more general-purpose. One of these libraries may be exactly what you need to complete your project.

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