Apple unveils new entry-level iPad – Video

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Speaker 1: This new iPad is packed of updates. So let’s jump in under the hood is a more powerful chip, a 13 bionic, and it pushes even further than the speedy, a 12 from last year’s iPad with 20% faster performance in every aspect of the chip, from the CPU and GPU to the neural engine and the more powerful neural engine in eight 13 makes next generation machine learning experiences like live text in iPad, O S 15, even faster. [00:00:30] The upgraded image signal processor in eight 13 also means the rear camera captures great photos with improved auto focus in low light and better selfies from the front camera as well. We’re bringing the magical center stage experience from iPad pro to this new iPad. Another new feature coming to this iPad that users love is true tone. And this new iPad will ship with iPad OS 15, which is packed with great new features.

Speaker 1: For example, you can place widgets [00:01:00] among your apps, making a important information available with just a glance new multitasking controls, make it even easier to launch and use multiple apps. Quick note gives you a fast and easy way to take notes anywhere when you combine it with a beautiful display, great cameras, broad accessory support, gigabit class LTE, and all day battery. If this iPad delivers enormous value because this new iPad starts at just 3 29 and [00:01:30] that’s with twice the storage starting at 64 gigabytes for schools it’s even more affordable at just 2 99. It comes in space gray and silver and cellular models are available as well. You can order the new iPad today and it will be available next week.

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