Apple may be updating the iPad line – Video

Speaker 1: We could be looking at some new iPads in the future. One may be a mini one may be a huge one, a huge E that’s a stupid name.

Speaker 1: First up. Let’s talk about a new report from nine to five Mac about the iPad mini. This poor device has not seen a refresh since March, 2019. That was the first update to the iPad mini in four years, a new iPad mini could be coming later this year [00:00:30] nine to five. Max says it’s going to get a whole new look instead of the big forehead and chin bezzles. It will look more like the iPad air that’s right. A nice thin bezzle. The way around an earlier report by Bloomberg said that apple was testing removing the home button that would be in line with what nine to five max said, analyst minchi quo, who is very reliable said that the new mini would be between 8.5 and nine inches. If the bezel is shrunk, apple could probably fit a bigger screen [00:01:00] into the same form factor as the iPad mini five, like the iPad air, the new mini would feature a USBC connector instead of a lightning port.

Speaker 1: And to round out the picture, this new iPad mini would get a smart connector. That’s the little three dot connector that lets you add things like the apple smart keyboard. It provides data and power. So if the iPad works, the accessory should work too. Inside this new mini would be running on the same processor as the iPhone 13. That would be the [00:01:30] unannounced a 15. That would be a pretty big jump in power. The current mini is running on an a 12. The iPad air is on the a 14. This jump would put the new mini just below the iPad pros with their M one chips. The iPad mini exists in a weird space a long time ago. It was perfectly in the middle between small iPhones and the iPad. The biggest iPhone now has a 6.7 inch screen compared to the mini’s 7.9 inch display.

Speaker 1: The iPhone 12 has [00:02:00] a 6.1 inch screen. There are a lot of options when it comes to iOS on a larger screen. When it comes to price, the iPad mini is also in a weird spot. It starts at 3 99. The eighth gen iPad starts at 3 29. They have similar specs minus storage. The iPad air starts at around $600, but that extra money buys you a lot, including USBC, a smart connector, better camera, low, larger display, and a much better processor. So if the iPad mini will continue to exist, it [00:02:30] needs to evolve. If it does reach a nine inch size, I think it won’t continue to be called the mini. Maybe the nine inch iPad mini is just the iPad. Then it joins the iPad air and the pro as the complete lineup. But that would be too simple. A report by mark Goman says apple may be looking into larger iPads.

Speaker 1: Goman says that he’s been told that quote, apple has engineers and designers exploring larger iPads that could hit stores a couple of years down the road at the earliest they’re [00:03:00] unlikely for next year and it’s possible. They never come at all. The largest iPad contains a 12.9 inch screen. How much larger can iPad OS scale to CNET, Scotts Stein, try it out. iPad OS 15 beta and noted. It did not transform the iPad as much as he would like apple has put an M one chip in the iPad pros. That’s the same chip as some of its Mac computers. It wouldn’t surprise me that apple is testing larger iPads companies test things all the [00:03:30] time, but that does not mean that they will bring it to market. If you take a look at the new IMAX, there is not a lot stopping it from becoming a giant.

Speaker 1: It just needs a touch screen and a battery. So already you’re running on an M one I’ve tracked apple for years. Apple has a tendency to slowly introduce more and more functionality into a device. They don’t just throw everything out and start over if, and when apple has figured out how to balance Mac OS and iPad OS, then I’d imagine we’d see larger [00:04:00] iPad that enters the laptop or even desktop space. Do you wanna carry around an iPad? Mini? How about a 17 inch iPad? Promax let me know. Also check out Scott’s full impressions of the new iPad OS beta I’m IA, Zach Turner to you online.

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