Apple introduces AirPods 3 – Video

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Speaker 1: These are the new AirPods with spatial audio, featuring an all new design inside and out with a force sensor for more control of your music and phone calls to deliver the best sound quality. We designed a brand new low distortion driver created just for the new AirPods to provide powerful base and crisp, clean high frequencies. Whether you’re relaxing to yoyo ma or singing along to Lizzo, [00:00:30] oh, the rumors are true. And to keep your music going during your toughest workouts or a jog in the rain, the next generation AirPods are sweat and water resistant. Everyone’s ear shape is unique. What you hear can be different from what you’re intended to hear. We wanted to find a way to make sure everyone has the best audio experience possible. And we achieved this in two ways. First with our new contour design, [00:01:00] the delivers sound directly to your ears.

Speaker 1: Second, with adaptive EQ, a breakthrough feature in sound that we first made available with the AirPods pro adaptive EQ provides the best audio experience customized for you in real time, by adjusting frequencies in the sound to match what you are hearing to how it’s opposed to be heard. So you can listen to Olivia Rodrigo’s latest album, just the way she intended the magical experience of [00:01:30] AirPods makes it effortless to enjoy your music throughout the day. It begins the moment you open the case with the one touch set up that automatically pairs to all of your apple devices, making AirPods, always ready when you are, and to extend your experience, we increase the battery life for up to six hours of listening time. Or if you’re in a hurry, five minutes of charge, time gets you around an hour of use. And of [00:02:00] course the convenience of the charging case you an additional four full charges for up to 30 hours of total listening, time to make charging your pods even more convenient. We added mag safe and wireless charging to the case. These are the new AirPods featuring spatial audio with dynamic head tracking and all new design, our custom design driver with adaptive EQ and the magical experience that our customers slow. We [00:02:30] took the best selling headphones in the world and made them even better. All of this for $179, we will start taking orders today and they will be available next week. The next generation air join the world’s most popular family of headphones.

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