American Falnama: Guide to Divine Consciousness

American Falnama: Instant answers

American FalnamaIn my previous blog on ‘Falnama’, I had described, What is Falnama? How does it work 

Falnama is a secretive tool that is used in Eastern Nations, but it is also used in Western Numerology and Astrology.

Today, I will be writing on ‘American Falnama’ which was invented by one of the most eminent astrologers and Occult Science practitioners in India. He was an ardent follower of ‘Islam Tantra’ and used to travel a lot in Asian countries, in search of knowledge in astrology and tantra. 

This amazing tool can be used to predict the future in any type of universe question. However, after seeing the astonishing results of the American Falnama, he advised his family and friends not to divulge this secretive method to anyone INDIA.

He stated that this tool was discovered by Allah-Taala, who is the absolute truth. This is why he holds this method very high in Occult Science. Today, I will reveal this amazing method to help humanity solve its problems through Falnama.

The best thing about this American Falnama, is that anyone can use it to solve complex issues in their lives, regardless of caste, gender, religion, or nationality.

American Falnama: Instant Answers

The Procedure This Falnama can provide an instant answer.

  1. Close your eyes and pray for your Deity.
  2. Chant/pray while you are praying.
  3. Now, take a look at the number of times your index finger touched it.
  4. Take note of the prediction chart’s readings.

For example, Mr. Raj Shah might ask me Nirav if I will clear my CA Examination in this year.

I will lay down this chart, and after praying to the Almighty, I’ll put down my index finger.

Let’s read, the prediction of Number 16, it shows that “Without wasting your time, give your 100 % effort in your work, you will definitely get the desired result.”

According to this prediction/reading Mr. Raj Shah should put 100% effort into his studies. If he does so, he will be cleared in the upcoming exam.

American Falnama: Guide to Divine Consciousness

Below are the results for the above-mentioned questions. American Falnama:

  1. All your wishes will be granted
  2. Be satisfied with what you achieve through your actions.
  3. It will come true, no matter what you desire.
  4. Take better care of yourself.
  5. If you don’t feel fulfilled by any desire that is within your heart, it is better to let it go.
  6. Better to let go of any thoughts that are currently running through your conscious mind.
  7. This work won’t get completed without the help of a person.
  8. You can achieve success no matter what you think or plan.
  9. Due to bad finance, this work won’t be able to complete.
  10. You will see the results after some time. Be patient.
  11. What you think is true is false and is not based upon fundamental principles.
  12. It’s better to work alone. Later, you will have help from others.
  13. This work will not be helped by your fortune.
  14. Get alert, complete the work with extreme care, and take all necessary decisions after a thorough analysis. This will bring you success.
  15.  Perform your duties peacefully with patience.
  16. You will achieve the desired result by putting in 100 percent effort. 

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