Always Safe, Never Sorry: Add This Discounted Radio to Your Emergency Kit

Emergency preparedness can seem like a daunting task when it comes to putting together a foolproof kit that will last you through any natural disaster. A good place to start is a reliable emergency radio that easily tunes into AM and FM channels and can withstand some wear and tear.

Kaito’s KA500 5-way Voyager radio is on sale for just $50 at Amazon, which is a $30 discount. It comes with all the features you need in an emergency radio. Just ask the 8,000 people that have given this radio a five-star rating, some of whom used it through hurricanes.

Primarily powered by hand crank, the radio also comes with a solar panel and battery compartment for three AA batteries. It can be plugged in and charged to an outlet, and it could charge your devices via USB. Its made of impact-resistant and water-resistant ABS material. It also features a LED reading lamp, an LED flashlight and a red LED beacon light.

While this radio can serve in an emergency situations, it can also be used during travel, camping, backpacking, or just around the house. It’s a best-seller in a line of emergency radios by Kaito.

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