A Short Introduction to Alchemy

Alchemy is an historical talent of reworking base metals into treasured ones, and the aspiration to seek out the Thinker’s Stone, that’s, the seek for the elixir of life. We distinguish Alexandrian protochemistry, Arabic alchemy and European non secular alchemy, though this artwork had a deep mystical that means for nearly all alchemists.

Alchemy has lengthy been practiced in Egypt, Mesopotamia, India, the Far East in addition to in Europe from antiquity to trendy instances, to the institution of at this time’s chemistry.

The title got here to Europe within the thirteenth century when translating the Arabic title al-kimia (الكيمياء) into Latin. The English translator didn’t know easy methods to translate the Arabic al, so he left it within the unique. Thus a type of alchemy entered European tradition. The Arabic type of kimia originates from the traditional Greek χυμεία hymeia, that means ‘combination’, which was first utilized by Zosimus of Panopolis (350-420) as a reputation for the artwork of metallic conversion round 400 AD. There may be additionally an opinion that the time period hymeia, or kimya, comes from the phrase Kem (“black earth”), the title by which Egypt was referred to as in antiquity.

The artwork of metallic conversion, Zosimus named after the alleged sage and prophet Khemes, the founding father of alchemy about whom little has been discovered thus far. Zosimus cites him as a terrific sage and founding father of alchemy.

Alchemy was studied each as a theoretical talent and as a sensible talent. The primary objectives of the alchemical research have been the invention of the Thinker’s stone, that’s, the method of metallic transmutation, which was the “Nice Work” (Magnum opus) within the slender sense, and common medication.

Alchemists believed that there was a technique to convert any type of metallic into gold, with the assistance of this stone. By turning it right into a liquid, an elixir of life was to be obtained which was to allow longevity to the possessor. The artwork of metallic conversion was named by Zosimus after the alleged sage and prophet Khemes, the founding father of alchemy, about whom little has been discovered thus far. Zosimus cites him as a terrific sage and founding father of alchemy.

The “nice work” is the principle a part of sensible alchemy, symbolized by the “photo voltaic tree,” via which a crimson stone was to be obtained which enabled the transmutation of the metallic into gold.

Historic and Hellenistic Egypt

This mystical instructing comes from the traditional Egyptian textual content Tabula Smaragdina. Alchemists believed that it was written by Hermes Trismegistus (Hermes 3 times the biggest), which is the Greek title for the Egyptian god Thoth, the god of scripture and knowledge. The Tabula Smaragdina is a textual content of a magical character, which describes the method of making ready the Philospher’s stone. This textual content has been studied for a lot of centuries by alchemists to decipher and unravel its secret.

Protochemistry initially developed in Egypt, the place the primary chemical apparatuses have been developed. The golden age of Alexandrian alchemy lasted from the tip of the third to the start of the fifth century. Probably the most well-known Greek alchemist was Zosimus of Panopolis, who lived in Alexandria. He wrote a lot of works, lots of which have been preserved. Vital from that point is Mary the Jew (Mary of Alexandria), who invented the water tub (kerotakis), which continues to be named after her at this time, and Cleopatra the Coptic, the namesake of the Egyptian queen, who invented the distillation equipment.

Within the Hellenistic interval, alchemical data, together with different data, is saved within the Library of Alexandria. A part of that data shall be saved from the destruction of the Library of Alexandria and brought to the world of ​​the Center East, the place will probably be taken over by the Arabs and additional developed.

Arabic alchemy

Throughout the Abbasid dynasty, within the ninth century, the Arabs based the Academy of Sciences in Baghdad, the place historical works have been translated from Greek into Arabic and thus preserved for future generations. Amongst these works have been alchemical ones, and the significance of the Arab contribution to the event of alchemy and chemistry is evidenced by the phrases that got here into common use: alchemy, alcohol, elixir.

A very powerful Arab alchemists have been Jabir ibn Hayyan, identified in Europe as Geber (750-c.815) and al-Razi (865-925). Geber’s most well-known work is Summa perfectionis magisterii.

European alchemy

Throughout the twelfth century, Arab philosophical and mystical texts reached Europe by means of the Center East and Spain, rediscovering Aristotle’s philosophy for a brand new European viewers, together with the works of Arab students Avicenna (980-1036) and Averroes.

Till the fifteenth century, alchemy was practiced by wizards, magicians and probably the most discovered individuals. At its core, it was believed that it was attainable to make the Thinker’s stone, which might flip base metals into gold and make an elixir of life and everlasting youth (which has nothing to do with at this time’s idea of immortality and materialism). Because of alchemical analysis, many chemical discoveries have been made.

The ideas of alchemy could be summarized: From one all the pieces, from all the pieces one, in a single all the pieces. One of many symbols of alchemy is Ouroboros: a snake that eats its tail.

Alchemy & Demonology

There are some demons that may help the alchemist on his journey, relying on the stage of non secular transmutation he’s at. The primary ones are Lucifer, Lilith, Paimon, Abaddon and Leviathan.

Summoning such demon98s can transfer the alchemist from a decrease level of transmutation to the next level, and it might probably additionally permit the alchemist to realize what some would contemplate supernatural powers, akin to the power to speak with the non secular world, go to the astral realm, enhance peculiar psychological schools and develop supersensible technique of communication and management of exterior objects and even individuals.

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