5 Easy Hikes in the Carolinas and What to Wear While Hiking

We are lucky to live in an area with great hiking. It’s how we get the girls outside in the summer, it’s how I get back into the swing of exercise if I’ve avoided it for a while, it’s usually part of every family adventure. Now, we’re not doing three-week backpacking journeys but for both paved trails or more challenging adventures, I get my clothes, shoes and gear at Backcountry. In this post you’ll find five easy hikes for families in Western North Carolina and Upstate South Carolina, and my favorite items from BackcountryWear something comfortable for your hikes.

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Cristin Cooper shares what to wear on hikes.

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Five Easy Hikes for Families In North Carolina

Dupont State Forest //Dupont State Forest is one of our favorite places for hiking. It is easy to access Triple Falls, High Falls, and Hooker Falls. Our favorite loop is to start in the High Falls Parking Lot and continue on the loop to Triple Falls, Triple Falls, Hooker Falls, and then onto the Hooker Falls loop. Finally, you will reach the Hooker Falls Parking Lot.

Black Balsam KnobThis hike offers breathtaking views of the North Carolina mountain ranges and is easy, short, and beautiful. The trail is approximately 1.5 miles round trip, and is located near the Blue Ridge Parkways. You should definitely pack a picnic for this one and it’s extra beautiful at sunset!

Max Patch Mountain //This easy hike offers wide-open views of the Carolinas. There is a short 1.5 mile hike for a 360 degree view or a full 10 mile hike if you’re in for adventure.

Secret Falls Trail //This hike in the Highlands, NC is shorter and more peaceful. It features beautiful views and a waterfall.

Carl Sandburg Historic // This is one our favorite hikes! It’s an out and back hike with 1.5 miles to the summit. Parts of it are a little steep but it’s definitely doable with small kids!

Five easy hikes for families in North Carolina.

Hydro Flask40oz Wide Mouth Water Bottle // SmithCaper ChromaPop Polarized Sunglasses // StoicTech Hoodie // OnCloud Ridge Hiking Boots // Patagonia Women’s Running Shorts

What to Wear While Hiking 

OnCloud hiking shoes to wear on hikes.

Hiking boots // 

OnCloud are my favourite tennis shoes. They now make a hiking shoe, which I’m so excited about. The OnCloud Ridge bootsTo protect your ankles from bugs, I recommend a hiking shoe like this (key to the south). We have many waterfall trails near us, so I love that the OnCloud Ridge Hiking Boots are sturdy and don’t slip as we climb over rocks and through creeks. Just like my OnCloud running shoes, they’re super comfortable. You can climb up a steep trail and have plenty of arch support and your feet don’t hurt at the end of the day.

Hiking in Western North Carolina.

Lightweight Hoodies // 

Hooded long sleeves tees offer protection from both sun and insect bites. I always wear a super light layer over my top when hiking. tank like this one under. This is my favorite. StoicTech HoodieThe BackcountryTahoe 2 Sun Hoodie. Both have UPF protection, which is great for summer hikes.

What to wear hiking in the summer.

Hydro Flask // 

We use the Hydro Flask40oz Wide Mouth Water Bottle. The entire family can use one Hydroflask for the entire hike. We take this specific Hydro Flask hiking because the cap has a little handle so it’s easy to carry and it holds a ton of water. It is easy to hold the outside shell. It is available in more than ten fun and bright colors.

Shorts that Dry Quickly

Backcountry Chitto Trail ShortThese shorts are versatile and moisture-wicking.

Easy hikes in North Carolina wearing clothes from Backcountry.

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Hydro Flask40oz Wide Mouth Water Bottle // SmithCaper ChromaPop Polarized Sunglasses // BackcountryChitto Trail Short // BackcountryTahoe 2 Sun Hoodie // StoicTech Hoodie // OnCloud Ridge Hiking Boots // Beyond Yoga Tank // Backcountry Mesh Back Bra Top // Patagonia Women’s Running Shorts

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