10 Famous Dead People That Conspiracy Theories Say Are Alive

Dead is dead unless you’re talking about zombies, right? There are some people who believe that some celebrities may have faked death. Everyone who thought Elvis Presley, Tupac Shakur, and Michael Jackson were gone for good—think again. Some have set out to prove that these and other famous figures didn’t actually die but instead staged their deaths to escape the public eye.

Whether you buy into these theories or not, they’re definitely interesting to consider. Here are 10 of the most famous “dead” people that conspiracy theorists say are actually alive.

10 Michael Jackson

In 2009, the King of Pop died from cardiac arrest. Despite there being a very public investigation into his death, some people believe that he’s still alive, moonwalking to “Billie Jean.” Even his family and fans that believe he is dead think that his death is shrouded in mystery. Here are some of his most popular theories.

  • To avoid the public eye, MJ faked death.
  • Michael faked his death in order to pay off his debts and increase his sales.
  • He faked his own death to live normal life.
  • He didn’t fake his own death; instead, he was murdered, and the investigation was a coverup.
  • To avoid being accused of child sexual abuse, MJ had his death faked.

What’s the Proof?

As with any conspiracy, the proof is what it is. In this case, there are poor-quality pictures where he’s been “seen” in the background at family events. Jackson’s stylist also made a series of cryptic texts, and some fans think that MJ looks too similar to one of his friends.

Even with his family’s insistence that he was murdered, it all boils down to a he-said-she-said situation, with them claiming that he didn’t sign his will and wanted his executors removed from it.

No matter what you believe, there’s one thing no one can deny—Michael Jackson was an incredible artist that changed the music industry forever.

9 Princess Diana

Princess Diana was killed in a car accident in 1997, but there are people still holding their candles in the wind—positive that she’s still alive. There are many theories about what happened to Diana. These theories spread quickly and spread so widely that an official investigation was initiated. This investigation lasted for years.

The investigation found no conflict with the original death report. The accident was in a car, and the driver was drunk. However, the most common theory is that she died in a car accident because her driver was drunk. She lives on an island with her husband from Egypt and is currently living there.

What’s the Proof?

Although most evidence is hearsay, many theories are based on small pieces of truth. Diana had expressed concern over her safety and talked about her fears about Prince Charles. something sinisterJust before her death, she was still alive. Perhaps she did really plan ahead?

8 JFK Jr

This conspiracy has been making waves in media lately, to the point that some groups are calling upon former President Donald Trump Jr. to run again with JFK as vice president. So obviously, there are people that believe JFK Jr. didn’t actually die in 1999 when his plane crashed. According to them, he’s still alive and well.

There are many theories as to what really happened with JFK Jr.. Some believe that he was shot by the government while others believe that he fled to hide. Whatever the real story is, almost none of the theories mention his wife or sister-in-law, both of whom were in the plane when it crashed into the Atlantic Ocean… So I’m sensing a plot hole here.

What’s the proof?

There is no actual proof that he’s alive. According to the Dallas Observer, We questioned those who believed he is still alive and they all said indescribable. Home Alone 2. That’s right, the classic family Christmas film.

Let’s follow the logic according to one interviewee: JFK was shot at Dealey PLAZA, so JFK Jr. is coming back at Discovery PLAZA. Kevin stayed at the PLAZA Hotel in the movie, where he ran into…Donald Trump!

So if you followed that, there’s your proof. And if you got lost, you’re not alone.

7 Elvis Presley

We’re all shook up. This addition should not be surprising, but it should be taken seriously. Conspiracies surrounding Elvis’s death are so far spread that one even made it into a Men in Black movie.

The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll died in 1977 from a heart attack, but not before his rubber legs reinvented the music industry. There are numerous theories about Elvis’s death, with some believing He was killedOthers believe his death was faked to get out of public view. Others believe he was an alien who returned to his home planet.

Ladies and gentlemen! Elvis has left our solar system.

What’s the proof?

Once again, there is nothing concrete—if there was, this wouldn’t be conspiracy anymore. People have claimed that Elvis is present in photos and sightings. What skeptics! If you believe it, there have been claims he was an extra on the original Home Alone. Macaulay Culkin seems to have a lot of explaining ahead of him.

6 Tupac Shakur

In 1996, Tupac Shakur was shot and killed while driving in his own vehicle in a drive-by shooting. Many theories exist about what actually happened to Tupac. Some believe that he planned his own death. Others believe that he was murdered by the government. Both of these theories assume that he is now living under a new identity. The real question is: Why would one of the most prominent rappers ever fake his death?

What’s the proof?

American music exec Suge Knight says he doesn’t know if he’s dead. And Suge Knight Jr. saysThe rapper is currently living in Malaysia. Fans believe that Tupac left clues in his songs lyrics and music videos about his death.

Mr. Tupac…holler if ya’ hear me!

5 Paul Walker

Paul Walker died in a vehicle accident in 2013, which was the most heartbreaking moment in the history. Fast and Furious franchise. But that didn’t stop some fans from believing that he faked his own death. The most common theory is that Walker was working for the government to investigate a specific type of fuel. According to some, the plan was in place when Walker died in the accident.

What’s the proof?

People have pointed to the fact that Walker didn’t have a public funeral. And his autopsy was placed on “security hold”—whatever that means. Fans believe that his car’s color changed between orange and red in photos taken before and after the accident. Could it be true, or is this like the “what color is the dress” challenge?

4 Steve Jobs

Apple’s father died in 2011, but many people are skeptical that the turtlenecked-tech titan is still alive. One theory suggests that Jobs faked his own death, as he was unhappy with the direction of the company. Another theory states that Jobs faked his own death so he could retire to Egypt and live there.

He visited Egypt frequently and was apparently very interested in ancient Egyptian culture. Some believe he even has an inscription in the Valley of the Kings.

What’s the proof?

A photo that shows an Egyptian man drinking coffee is viral on the internet. It almost looks like him. Wherever you are, Steve, “Stay hungry, stay foolish.”

3 Jeffrey Epstein

Everyone has heard the phrase “Epstein didn’t kill himself.” Half the world thinks he was killed by the Clintons or other powerful people he might have named after his arrest. What if there were another conspiracy theory happening right under our noses?

“Epstein’s still alive” is much less common since he was found dead in his cell in 2019. But some people are dedicated to the idea that he’s still alive. There are many theories about what happened to Epstein. Some believe he committed suicide and fled to hide from prosecution. Is he watching Maxwell take the fall while he sips Mai Tai’s on a private island somewhere?

What’s the proof?

There are numerous pictures of “Epstein” after his death that have been circulated online, but they are all pretty inconclusive. Some believe he’s hanging out at a ranch in New Mexico based on a news reportWritten before his death.

2 Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe is one the most famous sex icons in modern history. So it’s no wonder that fans don’t want to believe that she died in 1962. Some conspiracy theorists believe she was murdered by the government due to her affairs with JFK’s brother Robert Kennedy. Others believe she faked her own death, and is now living as a new person because she was too familiar with state secrets.

What’s the proof?

With the number of organizations that wanted her dead to cover up secrets, it isn’t likely that she is alive. However, there are images of Monroe after she died that have been shared online. Author John Baker claims she’s in a Canadian mental institution. They let her keep her Chanel No. 5.

1 Osama Bin Laden

When a SEAL Team says, “We got him.” that’s usually a closed book on what happened. Some people feel that there are still many unanswered questions about Bin Laden.

Why was he buried at the sea? Why is there so little physical evidence to support his death? Some believe that the SEALs killed a second body when they raided his compound. They believe that he was taken alive and is being used for confidential information. A few even think that the raid and death were faked to boost former President Obama’s approval rating.

What’s the proof?

There isn’t any definitive proof that Bin Laden is still alive. However, some people have pointed to videos of “him” after his death as evidence. Others claim that he is a CI because he was originally armed by America in order to fight Russia in 1980s. Bin Laden, wherever your are, you should stay there.

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