10 Bizarre Things People Do to Look Younger

Time has this bizarre behavior of marching ahead, consistently and with out finish. Regardless of that, individuals have spent all of human historical past preventing its results. Typically which means nice strides in medication, genetics, and hygiene. Typically, although, it means rubbing bull semen in your brow and setting your again on fireplace.

There’s a disgusting or harmful counterpart for each anti-aging therapy you’ve ever heard of, and a surprising quantity of them contain rubbing bodily fluids in your face. Individuals with ample money and time have tried nearly each substance below the solar to battle the indicators of getting old—with predictably blended outcomes.

As a small sampling of these trials, listed below are ten of essentially the most weird issues individuals do to look youthful. This record kicks off with a basic trilogy of drugs whose anti-aging properties are as doubtful as they’re in style. Up first: urine.

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10 Urine Baths

Some individuals declare it’s protected to drink your personal urine as a result of it’s sterile. You may wish to solely think about doing that if you end up dying of thirst within the desert. However what about urine baths? Can they supply a extra youthful-looking you?

It seems that urine accommodates some medicinal properties. Ninety-five p.c of urine is water, whereas the remaining 5 p.c, referred to as urea, accommodates some helpful issues like penicillin and stem cells. Urea can also be discovered to be good for exfoliating your pores and skin as a result of its pure properties can soften pores and skin in addition to break down the highest layer of your physique’s pores and skin cells. Urea acts like glycolic acid, salicylic acid, and lactic acid, which by the best way, are safer to make use of than your personal urine.

Some individuals say that the urine ought to be left to dry on the physique earlier than rinsing it off. Bathing in urine could provide you with fresher-looking pores and skin, however you may lose family and friends within the course of.

9 Fecal Facials

Bird poo facials had been launched into the US about 5 years in the past. Nonetheless, these facials have been round in Japan for the reason that 1600s. Due to the heavy lead-based make-up that geishas and Kabuki actors wore, it took a toll on their pores and skin. Enter nightingale excrement, used as an exfoliating agent. It seems hen poo is loaded with enzymes which can be good for the pores and skin. The tip results of these poop facials is the pores and skin is left luminous.

A hen poop facial consists of powered and sterilized nightingale poop that’s been blended with powdered rice bran. They add water and brush the concoction onto the face earlier than massaging it into the pores and skin. The facial supposedly smells fairly good, like toasted rice.

Is hen poo protected to use to your pores and skin? “Sure, it’s 100% protected,” says dermatologist Dr. Joshua Zeicher of Mount Sinai Hospital in New York Metropolis.

In case you’re pondering of doing your personal hen poop facial at residence, remember to collect poo solely from birds of the nightingale species. It seems the enzymes within the poo come from the seeds they feed on. And it have to be handed below a UV gentle to sterilize it earlier than utilizing it.

8 Semen Scrub

Helen Gurley Brown, the famend editor of Cosmopolitan, introduced the subject of making use of semen to the face to our consideration in her 2000 memoir I’m Wild Once more. Some name it man moisturizer. In the present day spas are charging a whole bunch of {dollars} for semen facials. Nonetheless, there may be no scientific evidence that semen is sweet for the pores and skin. In reality, you might need an allergy to semen and never understand it till you look within the mirror after a semen facial and discover your pores and skin wanting dry and irritated as an alternative of luminous.

Most significantly, these semen facials could also be a well being hazard as a result of semen can carry sexually transmitted ailments like herpes and chlamydia. Your eyes are significantly susceptible to getting contaminated. Purchaser beware—converse to your well being care skilled earlier than continuing.

7 Snake Massages

If in case you have a concern of snakes, this therapeutic massage remedy shouldn’t be for you even if the snakes used for these massages are non-venomous. Snake massage began in India after which unfold to different components of Asia. Indonesia took to it quick. It’s in style in Brazil and Russia and has now come to the US.

The motion of snakes over the naked pores and skin of the physique is alleged to enhance blood circulation and releases endorphins which translate into healthier-looking pores and skin. It additionally stimulates the particular person mentally.

Not everyone seems to be in favor of snake massages. Individuals for the Moral Therapy of Animals (PETA) don’t help snakes getting used on this method, saying that it stresses the poor creatures out.

6 Plastic Surgical procedures…Fifty-Two of Them

Cindy Jackson, now in her mid-fifties, wasn’t born stunning. Not less than that’s what she believed from age fourteen when a man made an insulting remark about her face. Fifty-two surgical procedures later, Cindy feels not solely vindicated however stunning.

Born and raised in a small city in the US, Cindy began entering into for the plastic surgical procedures when her father died and left her some cash. Since then, she has had 5 facelifts, a number of injections of Botox, liposuction, and her eyes have been carried out twice. She admits to having fourteen full-blown surgical procedures.

Due to cosmetic surgery, she says she seems the best way she needs to look and never the best way she was born. Cindy says that she all the time felt like she was born with the mistaken face and within the mistaken physique.

All of the work Cindy Jackson has carried out on herself has paid off. In the present day she lives in London and works as a cosmetic surgery marketing consultant on anti-aging.

5 Gold Rollers

In case you are a James Bond fan, you’ve heard in regards to the actress coated in gold within the movie Goldfinger. Properly, on the planet of high-end magnificence spas, we now have the 24-carat gold plated facial. For $540 for every 90-minute therapy, you possibly can have your face coated with gold leaf. The therapy will goal both the fats in your face or the cellulite. For an extra $200, you may be handled for each throughout the identical appointment.

Physician of Chinese language Drugs John Tsagaris first launched this golden facial, claiming that it reverses pores and skin injury to facial pores and skin attributable to pollution within the air, solar injury, and smoking.

The consensus on this facial is that docs can’t assure cellulite and fats discount within the face until you embrace wholesome consuming and train as a part of your common magnificence apply.

4 Kitty Litter Face Masks

This can be a type of mud masks, nevertheless it might injury your pores and skin in the event you don’t know all of the info. Proponents of kitty litter facial masks suggest shopping for an affordable bag of unscented kitty litter, mixing it with water to make mud, and making use of it to the face. You possibly can anticipate your pores and skin to be moisturized and cleansed when you wipe the masks off.

Alternatively, you might find yourself with pores and skin tears as a result of facial pores and skin is extra delicate and thinner than the pores and skin on different components of the physique. What causes the pores and skin to be irritated? Some kitty litter accommodates aluminum silicate, the identical factor present in fiberglass home insulation. As well as, as a result of the granules of clay kitty litter have sharp edges, relatively than being rounded, they will injury the pores and skin.

Some individuals who attempt a kitty litter masks may even look forward to finding their face breaking out together with the event of effective traces.

3 Mercury Scrubs

Individuals throughout the Victorian Period had been no totally different than immediately. They had been in the hunt for anti-aging magnificence merchandise, and one of many merchandise utilized in scrubs was mercury. The declare was that it removed pimples, wrinkles, and scars. And it did exactly that as a result of mercury is so corrosive to the pores and skin. Since then, we’ve discovered how harmful mercury is to human beings. You possibly can nonetheless discover mercury in some cosmetics, particularly these manufactured overseas.

Pregnant women ought to be additional cautious to not are available contact with mercury. Listed here are just a few of the signs that include mercury poisoning:

  • Arms, toes, and mouth feeling tingly or numb
  • Despair
  • Lack of reminiscence
  • Irritability

The Victorians won’t have identified in regards to the risks of mercury, however we do immediately. Avoid something with mercury in it.

2 Lighting Wrinkles on Hearth

We’ve been informed that China is the brand new world chief. Properly, it’s actually main the best way with a scorching new spa service known as the “fire facial,” and that is the way it works:

The spa practitioner soaks a towel in alcohol together with a secret elixir. Then they place the towel on the assorted components of the physique, even the face. As soon as the soaked towel is in place, the attendant lights the alcohol, which begins burning off. After some time, they put out the flame with one other towel.

The speculation behind this spa therapy is the hearth is stimulating and thus counteracts sagging and wrinkled pores and skin. Additionally, your pores and skin feels revitalized.

Let’s hope the spa practitioner is aware of when it’s the suitable time to place out the hearth… And that there’s a fireplace extinguisher shut by.

1 Injecting Snake Venom

Humankind has a endless thirst for magnificence and the fountain of youth. May that fountain be snake venom? A fifty-year-old proponent of injecting your self with snake venom has been doing it for the previous twenty-eight years. He claims that about an hour after giving himself an injection, he looks like he has the vitality of a twenty-three-year-old.

After all, snake venom injections aren’t for the faint of coronary heart. Earlier than you reap any of the advantages of feeling youthful, stronger, and extra energized, it’s a must to undergo, probably, years of build up your immunity to the venom. When you are going by means of that, you possibly can anticipate bruising and excruciating ache. Plainly injecting your self with snake venom for non permanent spurts of youthful vitality requires large sacrifice.

And in the event you’re not cautious… let’s simply say I hope you’ve got life insurance coverage.

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